Thursday, October 29, 2009

What on earth is Shane Jones trying to say?

Parliament has passed a law strengthening the ability to deal with gangs. All well and good.

However, the Herald quoted Labour's Shane Jones in saying something I just don't simply understand.

Labour MP Shane Jones took offence at claims from the Maori Party that gang members were "our people".

"Stop calling them our people; they are not our people," he said.

"Our people don't go to jail for killing teenage boys, our people don't go to jail for raping, selling P and celebrating it as a mark of distinction and success.

"They're not our people. In fact they are not people ... They are the slaves that would have been dispatched before Christianity without a sliver of doubt."

What on earth does he mean by that?


Lindsay said...

"They are the slaves that would have been dispatched before Christianity without a sliver of doubt."

Sent to Bishop Tamaki?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I suspect he is referring to the combined Maori traditions of slavery and cannibalism, rife before the arrival of the white man. It is not well known that antisocial pricks in those days were knocked on the head and eaten before they could procreate. A useful system of culling to improve the gene pool and provide scarce protein.

JC said...

"Sent to Bishop Tamaki?"

The other side of the coin, in fact.

Both annointed, both potentially dangerous.


Psycho Milt said...

Hamish: while you're at it, seek a clarification about what a member of John Key's cabinet means when he says Maori gang members are his people and they shouldn't be fighting each other because "there's so much enemy that isn't brown." We'd all love to hear Mr Key tell us exactly what that means.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... ever heard of threadjacking?

Anonymous said...

I think he means that Labour is in fact in charge of all the gangs, treating them like slaves, and using the substantial proceeds from crime to fund their underhand tactics: 'The Standard: Proudly Brought To You By the Letter P'

Oswald Bastable said...

In short- Puha and gang memba!

Kevin said...

Just distancing himself from the 'bad element'(think current immigration issues for a Chinese gent and MPs)

WAKE UP said...

He means:
1) that before Christianity and its alien concept of "mercy" arrived, thes guys would have been dealt with with extreme prejudice (Maori proverb: if you aren't with us, you're agin' us)
2) that, therefore, this still makes it OUR FAULT