Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scratch The Surface..........

........ and the truth emerges. Having lived for many years in city and rural Australia, Adolf can attest to the accuracy with which this poem illustrates the Ocker psyche.

We are blessed in this country to have such an abundant wealth of talented story tellers through whom
future generations can learn of our history and 21st century lifestyle.

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A Poem About Tomatoes:-

I know an Abbo whose name is Jim,
I love throwing tomatoes hard at him,
Tomatoes are soft & don't hurt the skin,
But these f.....s do, cos they're still in the tin!!


KG said...

LOL! And the problem with that is...?

Bok said...

Really respect 99 percent of what you say. Sometimes think you are just a little pink and left as far as my points of view are concerned. But!!!!!

That sucked big time. I work with australian indigenous people as a job. Not for the money.. ask Whale I am retired and dont need it. But because I like doing something.

1) Most Aussies dont think that way only the ones who are to fucking scared to live their own lives. Most decent hard working aussies think differently.

2) Most Abo's as you call them are absolutely against welfare. Most nations (what they call themselves) see it as the one thing that has destroyed their race.

3) The reason I left NZ was because I was sick of stupid kiwis who thought they knew better, was better and was smarter than every-one else.
If they were, you would not have 15 or 20 Moari leaders, screwing over the country and their own people, and getting final settlement after final settlement.

So I hope you can take some constructive criticism.
I like you and like your blog. Would love to think we are batting for the same team. But before you think making abo jokes are funny, sort out your own back yard first.

showmethetaxcut said...

What brought this on?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Bok, you poor bloody fool. It's not an Abbo joke. It's a white Ocker joke.

KG said...

Strewth, Bok, you missed the point there, big time!
And 'most Abos' (or blackfellas, whatever--they have plenty more names for themselves)are "against welfare"?
Where'd you take that poll, Bok?

As for the purse-lipped disapproval, my Abo mates can sit down with a case or two of VB and roll out abo jokes all night. And whitefella jokes.
Lighten up, eh?

WAKE UP said...

"Bok, you poor bloody fool. It's not an Abbo joke. It's a white Ocker joke."

The first requirement of a joke is that it be funny. This one ain't.
2 out of 10, must try harder.