Friday, October 30, 2009

Question for the day

What’s worse?

A political party illegally spending $800K in an election campaign via the taxpayers and then retrospectively validating its unlawful actions OR a MP and Minister of the Crown legally claiming traveling expenses for his partner via the taxpayers?


Anonymous said...

Hide's actions are worse. At least with Labour they are up front with the fact that they are there to spend yours and mine money as fast as they can.
Hide on the other hand has shown us the true colours of politicians. They can bullshit as much as they want but at the end of the day they are in it for themselves first and foremost.

They couldn't give a toss about borrowing billions of dollars to keep the whole stuffed system going as long as they get their paycheque, perks and allowances each week.

The days of true public service are long gone.
Every man for himself.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It would be nice if the media got their stories straight. I'm given to believe the total cost for the trip for BOTH people was around $25k

Anonymous said...

If that is true Adolf I will take back half of what I said above. But no real matter because Hide has just sold his brand down the drain.
Forever now... the former perk buster.
And all for a lousy few thousand dollars.

Sus said...

Correct, Lou. His credibility was worth a damn site more than $25,000.

What a fool.

mawm said...

Politicians are elected by us to run the country - not to swan around the world living like kings.

And the opposition parties are there to ensure that the governing party does not step out of line.

To me it seems that none are doing their jobs efficiently or properly.

What electoral system cuts the number in the beehive by least? That'll get my vote!

Gooner said...

The only fault with Rodney's actions lies with perception and politics, and not stealing and validating like Labour.

The problem he has is that a party @ 3% can ill afford such problems.

Hide's actions are not worse, not by a long shot. Not even close. It's the system that needs fixing.

DenMT said...

Rodney Hide, even though I disagree with the lion's share of what he comes out with, has always seemed like a good bastard to me. Not only because he appears to be a sharp operator with a keen sense of humour, but because he holds firm to his self-chosen principles.

No single supporter of his can possibly suggest this sits well with them. Amazed to read today that he says he 'disagrees' with the fact that he can do what he did, but he did it because he could. So much for principles.

And Gooner, it is a nakedly scrambling defence to compare this to Labour (or any other chosen rort). Bait and switch! "Yes, this is wrong - but shouldn't you be more upset about this other past event! Look over there!"

Agree with Lou - Hide's brand has been sold down the drain, which is exceptionally stupid for a party that lives on the margins with a base that follows Rodney largely on his small-government 'perk-busting' morals. Oh well.


Gooner said...

You're bang on Den MT. It cannot be compared to Labour's stealing and thieving because this was lawful and allowed and has been for years and years.

muz said...

Rodders for gods sake man if you cant go 10 days of abstinence then go to a whore house and get your rocks off and if,louise cant go ten days then ditto. For $2500 a day you could both go cattle class, qualify for the mile high club, give the longest shag a shake, buy a new wardrobe and still have a good vino for afters. It is all about perception and the perception is you have joined the plonkers club, membership number a few numbers higher than Christobell Cartier and his lovable travelling mate, the school principal. Take your head out of the blankets and see where the people who put you where you are, are seeing you to be as stupid as stupid is.

DenMT said...

Gooner: back to the issue! Rodney appears now to be telling us 'do as I say and not as I do'.

As much as you wish to deflect the attention, debate the issue! Does Rodney have the same credibility as a small-government, anti-troughing warrior for lowering taxes? Or is he too comfy on the gravy train to uphold the principles he purports to hold so dear?


James said...

Sigh....this beat up is getting silly.So Rodney took his girlfriend along (at far less than the Heralds claiming...see Cactus Kates breakdown)because ,shock horror,he wants to keep her but not a word is said about the millions hes saved the taxpaying Kiwi in return by stopping things like the parlimentary palace,putting the brakes on a blood thirsty IRD,Outing a corrupt Donna Awetere Huata,Outing a corrupt Winston Peters,creating a taxpayers bill of rights,a regulatory responsibility act,standing against race based seats and many other things to boot including self driving a smart car for years now saving a bomb there.I say hes still massivly in credit with INFORMED Kiwis who do know the value of the man and his deeds.Put up another MP who has done better than Rodney has for the NZ taxpayer during his time in the house.

Hes already paid the price of one relationship....must he sacifice another to salve the sad souls of the bleating masses?

Wake up owe this man big time.He is the best you have and you are too stupid to know it.Without him to halt the rampant expansive state you have no one!

Lou Taylor said...

You are preaching to the converted James. The problem is that the converted are 3%. The rest will only say "the former perk buster Hide" and Rodney will spend the next election campaign defending that.
Where as for a few lousy dollars he could have stood head and shoulders above the other politicians.
He may be entitled to this perk but he has sadly misjudged the response of the unconverted. They will just remember the $25,000.

Gooner said...

Lou, 100% spot on.

Den MT, no he doesn't have the same credibility, that's the issue. You're right. But it'll blowover.

WAKE UP said...

I'm with Muz; Rodney blew it.

Anonymous said...

Merely used the property rights inherent in his contract. Makes a fair point about the sanctity of property rights. Something neither Labour nor National regard a belonging to anyone and not to be taken lightly.
If you want to take away property rights then apply the compensation.

James is right. Rodney has earned every cent he used, (which he did with much apparent thought)and deserves much more. Any CEO getting the results he does would be paid in the millions.
And we should not forget relationships are important for ones life's balance. After all we have no two better examples of this than that shown in contrast between Clark and her marriage? and Key and his marriage. I know which I chose as well founded.
To be encouraged.

Dex said...

He makes a complete mockery of everything that Act was founded on, forcing the tax payer in a recession to pay for his girlfriend to fly first class because he couldn't possibly either, pay her fares, get her to fly economy, pay her own fares or simply be away from her for 10 days without breaking down into a shell of a man like he claims...

It's a sad joke, the new Winston Peters, all talk and no substance.