Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Please, Mr Rudman.....

........, spare me the crocodile tears.

You write an excellent piece on the woes of TVNZ but you leave out the key element.

Why is it so?

"He was referring to a drop in the value of the company from $333 million in June 2000 to $184 million this year. From a commercial point of view he could be right. But what a depressing approach to his guardianship of this taonga."

Two issues here, Mr hand wringing, weepy eyed Rudman.

First you failed to mention that this country's most notorious hater and wrecker, the bilious Helen Elizabeth Clark (MSRIH) was solely and personally responsible for destroying TVNZ's brand value and equity when she interfered in its contract negotiations with Judy Baily and other brand assets.

Second, you exhibit the inbred congenital disability suffered by all lefties. You don't know how to value anything. Your gratuitous reference to a commercial operation as a treasure indicates you would keep pumping my money up its arse NO MATTER WHAT.

If you want 'public broadcasting' then specify the range of programmes deemed to be 'public' and let commercial operations compete for the right to produce and screen the.

Methinks what you really want is licence for the left to dominate broadcasting and news services by planting your sympathisers in key positions within a state funded gravy train.

Sorry mate but the game is up.


KG said...

Spot on!

Anonymous said...

Fuck it. "Public Broadcasting" - actually anything begining with "Public" is a luxury that NZ simply can't afford.

In fact you should just replace "Public" with "Labour Party" and you get the truth:
* Labour Party Broadcasting
* Labour Party Transport
* Labour Party Hospitals
* Labour Party Holidays
* Labour Party Accounts
* Labour Party Good!

Just goes to show why the most important thing to get NZ working again is to wipe out the Labour Party by any means necessary; then next thing is to wipe out everything in the above list.

Close down TVNZ; sell its airwaves to FOX in perpetuity. Done.

Anonymous said...

Another "inbred congenital disability suffered by all lefties" (great tem Adolf!),is the scattering of Maori term in speech or writing.

And no 'Public Broadcasting' in not a treasure.


Sus said...

"But what a depressing approach to his guardianship of this taonga."

OMG. That's got to be a contender for the "Wettest Words of the Week" award.

WAKE UP said...

I'm getting sick of these PC columnists getting all taonga-twisted :)