Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parker fails to make a point, not one, none, zilch

From the "that's politics" file:-

Political Party could have received donations from favoured industry.

Excuse me for being a tad thick, but isn't that what political donations are all about?

Or do the unions expect nothing in return for their hundreds of thousands of donated money to the Labour Party?

David Parker says that's not actually the point. No. Apparently the point is that the donations regime was not transparent enough for the last election to know.

And who was in charge of pushing the donations law through?

David Parker's party.

So what exactly is Parker's point then? Because, I'm fuc*ed if I know!


Ngaire said...

Actually wasn't Parker one of the Lead spokespeople on the appalling EFB until Mrs `commonsense' King took it over.

How much did Bill Liu donate to Labour again? Was it only the the $500,ooo Whale Oil referred to the other day.

Inventory2 said...

Well said Gooner. Labour's hypocrisy on "cash for policy" is breathtaking. Not only does the union movement provide Labour with huge sums of money, it also provides the party with ther bulk of the manpower to fight elections. Does anyone seriously believe there is not a quid pro quo?

And it's not just cash for policy - the union movement expects quid pro quo in terms of representation for its generosity. Afetr all, how else could one explain the presence of the likes of Rick Barker, Phillip Field, Lynne Pillay, Darien Fenton and Carol Beaumont on the Labour benches?

Anonymous said...

So you admit that the Nats and ACT are for sale to the highest bidder. Very Italian.

I applaud your honesty. Nice to know where you stand.

Judge Holden

Sus said...

"$2 billion worth of ACC levies up for grabs .."

Money that the govt wouldn't get its miserable hands on, eh, JH!

Yep. The govt sure hates competition!

And on the matter of 'transparency', goodness knows that the Nats will never see a cent of my money, but David Parker & Labour don't seem to get the fact that the party I choose to financially support, if any, is not -- and will never be -- their business.

Watch them pull out all the stops in order to continue their troughing.