Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh The Agony

The left continues to get rucked over by the rolling maul of GNactionalMP.

According to the Herald-Digipoll survey, New Zealanders prefer John Key as Prime Minister. Photo / Herald Graphic

The first Herald Digipoll since the election confirms other recent polls will National on 57.5% and a staggering 80% approval for its economic management. John Key rightly acknowledges Bill English's performance. Whaleoil, take note.

The Greens fail to make the cut and Labour picks up their lost votes to stagger up to 32%.

Remember all those Labour attacks on Paula Bennett? They worked. She's the rated THE most effective minister in cabinet.


mawm said...

Poor old Bill. He does a good, honest and solid job, but unfortunately does not come across well on camera. Nobody wants him as PM either. Tsk tsk. I suppose he'll have to settle for deputy PM as the zenith of his political achievement.

Big News said...

(Paula Bennett)'s rated THE most effective minister in cabinet.

No shes not.

Anonymous said...

The public are just sheeple though, not questioning anything and easily spoon-fed. I'll always remember Key as the PM who said No to the masses on a referendum result. Nothing else he does can change that for me. That smile is becoming a gloat.

erikter said...

Adolf, I award you the title of Supreme Cheerleader.

Pity you haven't been born in North Korea, Cuba or Lybia. The despots who run those places would love to have your services.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

ericter, your difficulty is that only 0.000001% of the real people agree with you.

How does it feel to be lonely?

Sus said...

Paula Bennett rated the most effective cabinet minister?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Because that's what people said. That's fucking why!

No please bash your head against someone else's wall.

Sus said...

Manners, AF. You're sounding just like the lefties who used to defend Clark so vehemently!

Now back to the question ...

"Just because" never was a good answer. And I don't even think the NCEA would accept it.