Sunday, October 25, 2009

No Longer Proud to be Labour

The broken arsed Laboour Party has been caught stealing from the tax payer yet again. (Well done Matt Nippert.)

Not only stealing but hiding their identity. That's what happens when your brand has been debauched and you've got your tail between your legs. No money, no morale, no morals.

Adolf hopes Mr Speaker will send a stern letter to the party secretary, requiring him to refund parliamentary services the cost of the three series of polling admitted to in this Herald piece. That is - nominal hire of office space, line rental, cost of toll calls and the value of any other freebies used by this fool Barker and his team

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Gooner said...

Here's the money quote:

""The name of Data Research was used to get as close to a scientific result as you could, to not influence results because of the way that people feel about a particular party."

Because if they said they were from the Labour Party the results would have reflected what the public really thinks of this pack of corrupt liars: 6% or thereabouts.