Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moles Removed - Feared Malignant

Andrew Moles has been removed as coach of the Queer Slack Caps.

The next move should be to sack the entire team and start again. That's effectively what Bobby Simpson did when Australian cricket was at its nadir after the captaincy of the ineffectual and tearful Kim Hughs.

The real giveaway was in the penultimate paragraph.

"Moles, 48, was surprisingly chosen as John Bracewell's successor last November after a number of higher profile candidates declined the appointment."

Who'd want to risk his career by coaching a bunch of losers with bad attitude?


Nick said...

"Bunch of losers with a bad attitude".

Making the final of the champions trophy makes them "losers"? Very patriotic. Why would you feel the need to even comment if you hate them so much?

Det said...

I would say bunch of winners batting far above what is expected given population, interest and funding.

Adolf stfu and educate yourself fool.

pdm said...

Nick - they got to the final of the Champions Trophy on the back of two players - Vettori and Elliot. The bigheads McCullum, Taylor in particular were failures.

There is no doubting the talent of these players but their attitude and execution is bloody appalling.

Time for Glen Turner to return and bring some discipline to the big heads!!

Nick said...

Exactly det.

pdm agree with you re McCullum, NZ's most overrated player by far (closely followed by Oram).

However "queer slack caps" is a bit of a fuckwit thing to say, why would you not just leave it?

Theres come good players coming through like Taylor, Ryder, Guptill etc.

pdm said...

Nick - Taylor has the potential to be one of the best batsmen NZ has produced in my time. However, he gets himself out though indiscipline far too often. You would hardly say he is coming through - he has been around a fair while and still makes the same mistakes.

Ryder is a real talen - I was at the ground at Napier through his Innings at Napier and he was impressive. Injured far too often though to show his potential.

Guptil has a long way to go - I doubt he will make a convincing test player as he is too impationt.

Oram potentially the best all rounder in test cricket - is he a hypochondriac?

Inventory2 said...

pdm said "Oram potentially the best all rounder in test cricket - is he a hypochondriac?"

Knowing both Jake and his old man I would say not. "Someone" in NZ Cricket decided that Oram could be turned into a medium-fast bowler when his physique was totally unsuited to the stresses of the role. In the process, they took away the chance for Oram to become an exceptional middle-order batsman. That he has scored test hundreds against Australia, SA and England at Brisbane, Jo'burg and Lord's respectively suggests that he wasn't without talent.

pdm - did you catch up on the news that Oram has retired from test cricket in favour of the shorter version.

pdm said...

Yes saw that Inv2. I do agree that it is a shame that Oram was turned into a medium fast bowler - Rixon was it?

As you say he could have been an exceptional middle order batsman. I think No5 would have been his spot and he could have filled a role as a stop gap bowler.

I was probably a bit tough asking if he was a hypochondriac but I cannot help feeling there were games he could have played that he baccked off from.