Saturday, October 24, 2009

Labour Lies Again

Goodness me, Phil Goff just never learns.

Here he is again, harping on about so called broken election promises.

Trouble is, it's an election promise National never made. It's one Labour has invented.

Goff is trying to somehow conflate the real election promise which was 'no asset sales in the first term' into something like 'no competition for ACC in the first term.' No wonder people just are not listening to Labour. They are flat out liars.

This sort of nuancing might go down well in university staff rooms and student union meetings but real people recognise bullshit when they see it. One thing is for sure, as far as election promise goes, Labour has none.

For all to see, here is the real election promise, made by National.

From an August 2008 issue of NBR:-

The main points of the policy are:

* Investigate opening the Work Account to competition;

* Conduct a full stock-take of the various components of the ACC scheme, evaluate progress to full funding and identify areas of cross-subsidy or cost-shifting and underfunding of newly legislated entitlements; and

* Investigate the introduction of an independent disputes tribunal to end ACC's dual role of judge and jury on disputed claims.

Nowhere is there even the remotest possible inference that there might be a hint of selling off ACC.


chaplinsdog said...

You know, the one thing that really bugs me about blogs is that the authors can be so utterly ridiculous. ALL politicians lie. Don't pretend it's something only Phil Goff and Labour do. This complete lack of understanding brings blogs down to the same level as talk back radio, bastion of the ill-informed and uneducated.

Kevin said...

goff seems intent on self-destruction within the ranks...

Inventory2 said...

Ignoring chaplinsdog's sweeping generalisation, Goff and co can beat this up as much as they like, but the facts as Adolf has quoted them stand. David Parker is equally culpable, running the old "cash for policy" meme yesterday. What hypocrisy, when Labour institutes union-friendly policies in return for huge finacial and physical support from the unions.