Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interesting priorities

Watched the news, saw Taito Philip Field got 6 years for behaving like a Third Worlder, and thought "The poor sod should have committed a violent crime, they'd have given him a suspended sentence or home detention instead." Well, yes, I am a sarcy git. Then we got to the fact that the sentence comes to 6 years because there are two cumulative sentences. Apparently, dodgy immigration scams in which MPs get some free tiling done are "...intolerable in our society and threaten the institution at the foundation of democracy and justice." Sometimes, you just wish you could give judges a big slap round the chops.

Why so grumpy? Well, consider this post I wrote back in March, in which some human waste got concurrent sentences for murder and an earlier attempted murder, thereby letting him off for the attempted murder and making it clear to the victim of that attempted murder exactly what the judge in that case thought she was worth: nothing. The message from Field's sentencing seems to be that although bribery/corrruption and attempting to pervert the course of justice are intolerable, attempted murder is no biggie.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've always thought that violent of offenders should get sentences that are at least commensurate with the damage inflicted on the victim. The results of an assault can last for years or a lifetime. Say someone blinded in an assault for instance, is it 3 or 4 years a fair term of imprisonment? I don't think so.
As far as Fields sentence goes would not a hefty fine be better option? (assuming it's lawful)

Anonymous said...

The correct name for this corrupt ex mp is Philip Fields,the word taito is some title he gave himself. The meadia have now dropped it as you dont honour a corrupt person.

dad4justice said...

"as you dont honour a corrupt person"

Indeed Anony, that is why I despise Helen Klark who is a rotten apple that should be exposed and also face imprisonenment.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well said Milt. We'll make a rightie of you yet.

dad4justice said...

I meant to say that Helen needs imprisonment in the same cell as the fat slug.

Adolf - Milt is showing signs of a slight turn to the correct right. This is pleasing to me.

Psycho Milt said...

In what sense is believing that violent crimes should cop worse sentences than influence-peddling "right-wing?" I doubt any left-wingers out there would disagree with the concept.

Sus said...

Well said.

("Make a rightie of you"? Hell, I hope not. Too many of them around as it is!) ;)

WAKE UP said...

The comparison with REAL criminal bastards is apt - but what nobody's saying is that the entire Labour Party should have been in the dock with him.
If ol' Fall-Guy-Phil-Taito is worth six years, Clark and co should have got ten each (not forgetting H2 and the other corrupt/ing minions too).

There - that feels better ! :)

Anonymous said...

Last week a guy who beat an old man to death for a perceived slight received while driving only got three years.

Corruption is very bad but is it doubly bad as killing someone?