Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A game of three halves

I must admit that I slept easier last night knowing that our Super Minister has successfully resolved the RWC TV crisis.

I would have preferred if he had donned his leotards, streaked to Irbland and demanded that all the games be played in three equal halves. That way MTV, TV1 and TV3 could all have a fair share and everyone would be happy.

But I guess I will just have to settle on throwing a day's borrowings at the event to sort it all out.

I have reached the sad conclusion that governments will never stop borrowing/printing money. Mostly because it is and always will be the easy way out. As long as all Western countries do it at roughly an equal rate then the final outcome should be reasonably equitable.

As the interest bills eventually exceed the value of goods mankind can produce, then we can simply take the African approach. Cancel the currencies and start again with new ones. It might piss a few Chinese and Arabs off, but who really cares. They'll never be good at rugby anyway.

So my advise. Buy gold and just enjoy the RWC. It is going to be a great party so make the most of it. I will.


WAKE UP said...

LOU: dangerous game you're playing here, I hope you are being tongue in cheek, tell me you're not serious !

cheers, Wakey :)

WAKE UP said...

ps - especially if you live in Auckland

showmethetaxcut said...

Oh well. Never mind. It is my kids who will pay then?

Love this mindset. I feel relieved.

Lou Taylor said...

Don't worry wakey I was taking the piss. But having said that as we are heading for a $40 billion hole we may as well enjoy the RWC. Having been at the Sydney Olympics from start to finish I know how much fun these types of events are. I really just hope that we do it well.

The reality is that all western countries will borrow money because that is the only way to continue, short term anyway,the lifestyle we have all enjoyed.

We will never do it by hard work because so many don't even know the real meaning of the word now.

SMTTC Take my advise and arrange your affairs to protect your children because noone else will.
Gold and the Australian$ will be good bets.

Lou Taylor said...

I should have added that churning taxes through an obese bureaucracy has had the net effect of pissing a huge proportion of our wealth down a hole.

Unfortunately no politician will ever address this because the real cures will ensure their demise in three years.

As I said the other day a poli planning a real tax cut ( not some 1-2% bullshit) is like a surgeon planning to cut off his own arm.

We are basically at the end of democracy as we know it.

Redbaiter said...

"Mr Key said $300 million of Government money was being invested in the Rugby World Cup, and taxpayers deserved free-to-air coverage. "You can never get too much rugby," he said."

What an utter jerkoff. Bring back Helen Klark. Better the enemy you know than this blathering apolitical fool. A socialist posturing as an alternative to socialism. What could be more false? At last Klark was true to a cause.

Redbaiter said...

At LEAST Klark was true to her cause.

KG said...

"We are basically at the end of democracy as we know it."

We sure are. The saying about democracy being doomed as soon as beneficiaries can vote themselves more money from the public purse has finally come true.