Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DomPost Puts The Boot In.........

........with both feet.

It is wrong for political pollsters to lie about who they represent and wrong for a politician to pretend no knowledge of activities he is orchestrating from his parliamentary office.

A politician who cannot see that he has outlasted his use-by date. The politician concerned is former Labour Cabinet minister Rick Barker.

Yes, there are more than a few who have outlasted their use by dates.

He suggested the volunteers use false names when making the calls, and, when questioned by a reporter about the operation, he said: "I don't know what you're talking about."

It was only when the reporter revealed a thorough knowledge of the subterfuge that Mr Barker admitted its existence and his role in it.

That is not acceptable. Truth is not a negotiable commodity.

It always was for Helen Clark's version of Labour whose proud tradition of lying first continues in the son she never had, Darren Hughs.

".......senior Labour whip Darren Hughes, who is fast building an unwanted reputation for himself as an apologist for indefensible behaviour on the part of his colleagues.

"I'm sure that half the people who try to sell us things on telemarketing aren't giving us their real names," he said by way of justification.

He could have added that noms de guerre are commonly employed in several other professions – prostitution and pole dancing being just two – but he and Mr Goff would be advised to consider what sort of company they and their colleagues wish to keep."

Ouch, double ouch.

".....but his conduct also hints at a deeper malaise within the Labour Party. It is a malaise composed, in equal parts, of arrogance, bitterness and sloth......

......Labour's MPs resemble grumpy, disinherited members of the landed gentry who have been turfed out of their comfy gentlemen's club for not paying their subscriptions and are trying to fast talk their way back in past the doorman."

Yes, they all want forgiveness but nobody wants to repent.


pdm said...

Barker was past his `use by date' in 2005 when Craig Foss cleaned him out of his supposedly safe seat. He was stupid enough to stand again last year when Foss more than doubled his majority as I recall.

Thick skinned, lying and continuing to have his snout in the trough. Unbelievable.

mawm said...

This lying trash does not deserve one cent of my hard earned cash that I'm forced to pay. They disgust me!

Doug said...

New Zealand’s market research slam Labour Party
This is even worse.

Bok said...

Come in Milt...!!!
Calling Milt!!! Defender of trith and justice Milt!!!! please come in...!!!

Or of course we will get huge spin. Do I go and cut and paste Mr PM's utterances over the last 9 months?

Or will he admit that his party (oh no not my party he cries) is the most corrupt and morally reprehensible bunch of idiots on the NZ political landscape?

If they not telling lies, they beat people up a la the duck.

Bok said...

And because of a typo (spelling truth as trith) I'll be pinged for tht without my questions being answered.

Psycho Milt said...

I can tell the difference between a typo and illiteracy, Bok.

Why are you calling for me to comment on this? It seems straightforward enough - Labour's been caught doing the stuff that politicians (including National Party ones) do, and have as usual proved incompetent to deal with the fallout. The "biased, compliant, lapdog" media (remember how fond you all were of those terms a year or so back?) are running govt propaganda on the issue and Adolf is making the most of it. Coment from me giving Labour a further kicking seems superfluous.

Or will he admit that his party (oh no not my party he cries) is the most corrupt and morally reprehensible bunch of idiots on the NZ political landscape?

Well, a party you don't vote for isn't "your" party, is it? Why do you sneer at a concern for accuracy? (No, don't answer that, it would only depress me.) As for "most corrupt and morally reprehensible," you seem to be letting the beer do the talking.

Psycho Milt said...

To which we might add, it's good to see NZ journos continue their proud, long-standing role of watchdog on the activities of the powerless opposition, while letting the govt get away with whatever it wants. In this case, the people who did their job and pursued Barker to the point where he had to fess up and take the rap should be asking themselves why they were on their knees sucking while Bill English was telling them he lives in Dipton and the fact his trust was re-arranged to maximise taxpayer-funded benefits for his house was merely a happy coincidence.

Anonymous said...

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