Sunday, October 18, 2009

The dog wags the tail, John.

Can someone please explain to John Key which bit is supposed to do the wagging, because his one of his coalition partners seems to think that the tail wags the dog.
This is also interesting as men struggle to come to terms with shit happening. One of the problems is that as they see their own financial world crumble, they look to the country's Leadership for guidance, perhaps even a bit of inspiration.
And what do they see.
A business as usual, no real belt tightening, borrow more money regardless, fly some gang members around and tell them what a great job they're doing, have two state entities bid against each other, etc etc.
We don't have leadership in this country. We have every man for himself.


erikter said...

Don't you dare to criticise John Key, otherwise Adolf "Chief Cheerleader" may take offense.

At this pace, AF will soon be changing the name of the blog to Yes Prime Minister.

Redbaiter said...

Key doesn't care. He got to be PM, and he showed all those rich kids that looked down on him that a boy from a state house can make it. Too busy basking in his own vanity to care about NZ. Useless weasel.

Lou Taylor said...

History will show we're all really on the same side erikter.But history is never simple.

Anonymous said...

We're not all on the same fucking side. No wu in fucking he'll. Gang members. Unionists. Labour Party. Bludgers. We are on the complete opposite side to the. And if we had our way we'd have the lot shot out of hand.

Psycho Milt said...

And if we had our way we'd have the lot shot out of hand.

As Redbaiter's fond of asking, who's "we," Sinner? You and your imaginary fascist friend?

The SST reports Sharples as saying to his assembled gang buddies:

"Why are we fighting whakapapa against whakapapa? There's so much enemy that is not brown."

Class act, huh?

Anonymous said...

Key is a shyster, have you noticed his shifty eyes? Not his fault maybe, but the eyes are the window to the soul, and I can't see much soul in Key. He sure is basking in the vanity, doesn't he just love the limelight.

Anonymous said...

didn't take long for the far right to show their anti-semitic colors re the Jew Key. Anti-semitism has long been part of their cause, despite their claims of supporting Israel.

Anonymous said...

last Anon, I don't mind what race Key is, its not his race, colour or creed, its the fact that he is too ready to appease the small support parties, especially when he doesn't have to. The way he is going, he will lost popular support, we had the tail wagging the dog last time, voters wanted strong, confident govt, Key is a Clark clone.

KG said...

"didn't take long for the far right to show their anti-semitic colors re the Jew Key.."
Christ Almighty! No wonder you posted that as "Anonymous" you piece of dishonest shit.
I've heard nobody on the right refer to Key's Jewishness. (is, he, in fact?).
Deadhead cunts such as you have nothing else to fall back on so you use anti semitism or racism as a kind of catch-all insult to shut down or intimidate those who disagree with you.
You contemptible piece of crap.
You want to see real anti-semitism? Go cruise the lefty blogs. (although the stench may be too much even for you)

Anonymous said...

The majority of NZers dn't agree that the Jew Key is a disgusting appeaser.

In an interview with the NZ Jewish community he said he was the first Jewish NZ PM.

Most Jews are in fact liberal, not neo-cons like the foul mouthed KG. He seems to support Israel no matter what. Israel is a socialist state. Yet he does not support Key.

Go figure.

KG said...

The 'foul-mouthed' (what, you never heard bad language before, you delicate little petal you) kg supports Israel because it's the only free country in the region. It's most certainly not a 'socialist state'. And Netanyahu is about as socialist as I am.

I wouldn't support Key if he was a neocon (the definition of which seems to vary according to whatever argument a lamebrain lefty wishes to make) paleocon or whatever kind of con you fancy.
Because he's a con.
A smirking git who supports welfare bludgers, supports the RMA, supports separatist, racist politicians from a party he had no need to climb in to bed with. (and gave no indication that he would before the elections).
Whatever the polls say, he's a dishonest prick. And the fact that the Nats are polling at around 60% demonstrates that most Kiwis have become socialist cowards, afraid to let go of nanny's tit.

Redbaiter said...

"Foul mouthed"

yes, this is the game these sly duplicitous cowardly bastards always play. Criticise you for your straight forward language at the same time that they promote ideas that are infinitely evil, in language that is always perfectly politically correct. Scum.

Ollo Chubb said...

Agree with most comments here, especially after his treacherous speech at the UN. Just another UN lackey selling us out.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with KG (best blog as well), Key is a con alright, just a very clever con, he could turn out to be worse than Clark, there was something more trustworthy about her, and she did keep the Separatists at arm's length. Worse, Key lies outright, with no shame.

Anonymous said...

John Key is not the first NZ'er of Jewish descent to become PM. Sir Francis Dillon Bell's mother was Jewish which puts him in the same boat as Johnboy

Sir Julius Vogel, though not born here, was a practising 4x2 while premier.

The 12 tribes of Israel have had a fair crack at Auckland mayoralty over the years though. And they did it without mandatory inclusion clauses.