Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Dark Horse

While all the Antique Media scribes were focused on an apparent dust up between John Key and Pita Sharples, nobody took any notice of the dark horse which quietly entered the race.


Adolf heard on Radio Left wing yesterday some comments from the Chairman of Ngati Kahungunu who indicated his iwi would put up whatever funds it took to win the bid.

This little bombshell was ignored as the media gorged itself on John Key's intervention in the affair.

Look now for Maori Television Services to be part sold off after 2011. The buyers have revealed themselves. Adolf picks that a consortium of Ngati Kahungunu, Tainui and Ngai Tahu will purchase a 49% share. In return they will receive 49% of annual profit and provide 49% of new capital. It is high time IWI put some of their large settlement fortunes into outfits like MTS. The savings for tax payers are obvious. So many million dollars less for Bill English to borrow each year.

This is why the bid is so important for Maori TV. They need it to quickly increase their permanent audience in order to drive up their advertising rates and the intrinsic value of the business. Rugby world cup coverage will achieve that goal

I wonder whether Messrs Sharples and Key set up this whole debacle in the first place, to flush out the wealthy IWI.


pdm said...

Unless I am mistaken Kahunganui is the Hawkes Bay IWI and I doubt they would have the resources to foot it with Tainui and Ngai Tahu.

Was the spokesman Ngahiwi Tomoana?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I can't remember and I can't find a link but they are listed as the third largest iwi in the country.

pdm said...

They cover a big area - roughly from Wairoa to Cape Palliser I think. As I recall from the lead up to the last election Derek Fox is half Kahunganui and half from the Gisborne or perhaps even Ngati Porou further up the East Coast.

erikter said...

Adolf, your blind loyalty to Key and the National Party is letting you down.

You like it or not, Sharples made the government look like a bunch of amateurs.

Anonymous said...

Maori kids are being murdered by their whanau, sent to school with ragged clothes/ shoeless and not having had breakfast; Welfare dependancy is rife in Kahugnugnu Maori, and these fuckheads want to spend whatever it takes to allow MTS to broadcast rugby?
Shows a lot about the morals of the corrupt fuckers running that iwi.
$1.5m properly invested would churn out 150k per annum which would be taxed at the Maori rate of 18% and thus result 120k profit being able to be offered back to iwi members to further their educations to break free from the dependency and the waste that ensues.
Heaven forbid a few attitudes might even develop that value kids' outcomes, but no they would rather posture over bullshit than show real guts and make real decisions.
Before you go calling me racist, I qualify to be called Kahugnugnu but I wouldn't degrade myself with those idiots running the show. It is little wonder that the Mahia tribe wants nothing to do with these tards

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes he did erikter. He didn't do himself a lot of good either, if you believe everything you read in the media. John Key came out of it with his mana enhanced and some of his lieutenants were made to look like devious and duplicitous idiots.

The main point of the post, however,was to point up the emergence of wealthy IWI as potential players.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm, at June 30th 2008 they had $8 mil cash on hand.

Servant of God said...

It is no wonder that John Key has friends called 'Adolf'. After all, John Key was prophesised in the Bible 2000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Fuck it. MTS is already NZ's de jure public broadcaster.

Key should just sell TVNZ, give all the money to MTS as a one-off lump sum and then set MTS up as a private charity.


WAKE UP said...

Suddenly the iwi have "iwi" money. Where did it come from, in the first place? And why hasn't it already been spent on obvious REAL need by now?

The hypocrisy on ALL sides of this whole rugby-obsessed madness is sickening.