Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comprehensively Bowled Out, Time After Time.

Being a NZ Labour supporter is getting to be quite difficult. Even more difficult than being a NZ Cricket supporter. At least the Queer Slack Caps can call up some real talent like young Watling.

It's as though every new poll is like failing to avoid the follow on, with a string of top order ducks in the second innings. Mind you, they've got an incumbent top order duck in there now.

TV3 has the grim news for the Labour Losers.

National up 1.8% to 60%

Labour down 2% to 27%

Helen Clark preferred PM by twice as many people as want Filk Off.

Adolf figures this poll and the last Roy Morgan should give Messrs Key and English confidence to do the job which has to be done on ACC and to pull the fangs from the teacher's union.

It's time to make some moves, fellers.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Tim Ellis has suggested Mallard is to Labour as Putin is the the Russian gummint. The defacto leader.

So around here from now on, it's Vladimir Mallard. The Muscovite Duck.

Redbaiter said...

"It's time to make some moves, fellers."

Way past time actually. I'm sorry Adolf, but I really don't think there is anyone in National with half a clue. I know you think differently, but I suggest that so far, the evidence is all for my conclusion. Yours would appear to be a matter of faith. Let's hope its a faith that will bear fruit.

Gooner said...

That's an impressive lead and it mirrors the Roy Morgan.

Oswald Bastable said...

They are picking up votes from former labour supporters because they are labour-lite.

That is all.

Gooner said...

Of course Oswald. That is clear. What is astounding is that hardly any of the righties in National have deserted ship to ACT. Maybe a few, but not significant.

gingercrush said...

I think Act should be patient. I predict the left to absolutely falter in 2011. I also predict Act will pick up more MPs in 2011 than 2008. Its inevitable that as National has grown its support more of that will go towards Act. Particularly if National continues on a more centrist platform which I think will be necessary to maintain such support.

Normally I'd say the Greens would reap the rewards for a Labour party in decline. But I really question whether left-wing voters have that much faith in a leadership of Turei and Norman.

pdm said...

gingercrush - how could anyone with even half a brain have faith in Norman and Turei?