Friday, September 25, 2009

What a Selfish Prick

The bloke in Matamata who shot his wife.

Adolf's spies tell him she told him the night before he shot her that she was leaving him.

They have three children, the youngest aged eight. The kids will be scarred for life.

Would have been better that he blew his own brains out. Trouble is he would have had such a small target.


showmethetaxcut said...

Not the first male asshole idiot to do this. Won't be the last.

What is it with the male of the species and rejection?

Cactus Kate said...

What is it with the female of the species?

Both parties had practice with failed relationships.

You don't "announce" you are leaving the next morning, go to sleep and think it will be all beer and skittles the next morning.

You pack up the kids while he is out in the Ford Falcoon and drive off to your parents place and leave a note that you wont be coming back.

The place where your father has a similar sized gun and is not afraid to use it!

Oswald will testify to this being the best strategy to deal with rural people who may have a firearms license!!!

muz said...

Really good advice C K but how to get it to target
It is just one of those things where experience is always in short supply.

Cactus Kate said...

Rural men have guns
Rural men know how to use guns
Rural women come from rural families
Rural fathers have guns

QED - Rural men don't fuck with Rural fathers who have guns.

Funnily enough even SOC (Sister of Cactus') boyfriends of dodgy backgrounds wouldn't run the gauntlet that was from the letterbox to the doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Even better you move the kids away, then get the gun and slot the useless fuck yourself.

WAKE UP said...

ALL relationships are symbiotic, until the symbiosis changes - and even then, they still are.

Men use guns and act out; women use more subtle weapons (and also have a terrible track record of using the children as weapons - and read Camille Paglia on women and "territory").

The fact that this guy went over the top should not be taken as an indicator of any dynamic other than that they BOTH were in a fucked relationship - with each other.