Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Veteran is determined not to let the rort in respect of the parliamentary allowances paid to Jim Anderton continue unchallenged. Below is a copy of a letter sent to the Auditor-General requesting an investigation into the matter.

23 September 2009

Office of the Auditor-General
Level 2, State Services Commission Building
100 Molesworth Street

Dear Sir/Madam

I am aware you have been requested by the Rt Hon Jim Anderton to carry out an investigation into the housing Allowance being claimed by the Hon Bill English.

Can I ask that you carry out a parallel investigation into the additional payments received by Mr Anderton as the Parliamentary Leader of the Progressive Party.

It is a matter of public record that Mr Anderton has stated that the Progressive Party will not stand candidates at the next general election. Additionally he has advised members of the Progressive Party to join the Labour Party and seek to stand for them. More to the point however is that he has been appointed by the Labour Party as their spokesperson on Agriculture.

Mr Anderton is leader of a Party in name only. To all intents and purposes he is a member of the Labour Opposition. It is a rort that he continues to claim the additional payments that accrue to the leader of a separate political party.

I look forward to your advice on this matter.

Yours sincerely



homepaddock said...

It's not even a party, it's a one-man vanity vehicle.

muz said...

Where are the MSM on this don't any of them have an ounce of desire to step out of the socialist line.

The Realist said...

Please keep us informed

stewart said...

fair point Shepley

Sus said...

Hi Veteran .. was it you who also raised this on Leighton Smith's prog recently?


Well said Veteran.
It is a delicious irony that the one pushing the issue against Bill English is one whose own circumstances are so questionable.
You might have though Liarbour could have chosen a more wholesome protagonist.

The Veteran said...

Sus ... guilty.

Psycho Milt said...

Where are the MSM on this...

Gee, I dunno - maybe it's just that they're capable of prioritising the relative newsworthiness of the Finance Minister ripping off the taxpayer while preaching everyone needs to tighten their belts, compared with some ancient relic in the opposition doing something similar?

KG said...

"Gee, I dunno - maybe it's just that they're capable of prioritising the relative newsworthiness.."

Of a loaf of Vogel's?

WAKE UP said...

The hypocrisy of Anderton's situation, and some of his pronouncements (on drugs, for example) were so essential to, and so embedded in, the previous government that it became part of the political landscape, and it'll take a big dig to overturn.