Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Troff List

1. The game may be over but history will always record the final score
Bradford 1- Democracy 0

2. John Key is doing a great job to ensure the State Quo is maintained. Keep taxing and spending. Then trim a few 0800 numbers to show that you are serious about cutting government spending.

3. Politics simply reflects human nature. What's in it for us first and society second.



So cynical.
So true.

Anonymous said...

The ugly cow got the biggest slap of all! From her own watermelon fuckwits

Redbaiter said...

I agree with Mr. Taylor. John Key's Prime Ministership is all about him.

Key knows nothing of politics. He is just a common and garden type socialist who nurtured the ambition to one day be PM.

Bradford is gone, and now, we just need to work our way through the rest of the vermin. A task that begins with say Keith Locke and extends right through to John Key.

(Rod Hide may be due an exemption.)

One thing that makes the Nationals worse than Labour is that they constantly betray the principles they claim to represent. Key's sucking up to the racist Party for example is a blatant breach of thse principles.

Just disgraceful that such duplicity can go largely unrecognised.

KG said...

What RedB said. Exactly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Redbaiter, so true. Key has betrayed his core voters, plays the tin god dictactor, ignores the electorate on moral issues and sold out NZ for his personal ambition to be PM - at all and every cost. I prefer Labour too, at least they were always from the Left.