Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sue Bradford's propagrandstanding

Is there such a word as "propagrandstanding"? I doubt it, but here goes anyway with a true story on Sue Bradford.

One day many years ago there was a protest. Comrade Sue was there, at the front, doing what she did best. Comrade Sue had a megaphone and was going off. She was also on private property (a Hotel in central Auckland I think) with other associated riff raff. The TV cameras were there as were the cops.

Comrade Sue was told many times (too many times I suspect) that she was trespassing and if she didn't desist she would be arrested. But of course that was Comrade Sue's aim.

Defiant as ever Comrade Sue contined and she was arrested.

Comrade Sue then put up the most almighty fight ever seen to man. She was screaming, shouting, frothing at the mouth and carrying on like a Touretts sufferer with Epilepsy.

All the time the TV cameras filmed this. It made the news that night.

When Comrade Sue was arrested she was also handcuffed and then dragged around to the back of the police paddywagon. When she arrived around the back with the burly boys in blue hanging on to her, and the TV cameras out of sight, she stopped performing, calmed right down, and as polite as punch turned to the cops and said "hey, the TV cameras are off me now, you can take the handcuffs off"

That, readers, is what Sue Bradford is trained in.



Andrei said...

hey, the TV cameras are off me now, you can take the handcuffs off"

I sure as hell hope they didn't

Oswald Bastable said...

Thats time to tighten them up a notch!

PC said...


Excellent word, with a good example.

First rate work, Gooner. Take a bow.

scrubone said...

Here's a question that occurred earlier: has she ever condemned the bad behaviour from her own side?

Larry Baldock has done so several times, but Sue was actually quite specific in the last interview I heard where she asked for the other side, and *only* the other side to tone down the rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know it's not just my memory. I made a similar comment to Rex Widerstrom over on Kiwiblog the other day:

You'll see that Rex seemed rather shocked by my suggestion - so I may cross-link back here next time he's in a discussion
Tom Hunter

Anonymous said...

Hmm - that should be:

Anonymous said...

Well of course.

And in a country with no armed police, and Libz and other civil union groups who would raise hell if the policeman's arm "accidently" smash Ulrike Bradford in the face --- what do you expect. Not to mention lefty TV stations who want to (and who are allowed to) cover this kind of thing!

Try this in Singapore and you'll get, not TV coverage, but a 9mm parabellum for your pains.
The reasons for the productivity differences are there for all to see!

PM of NZ said...


Nice word Gooner.

Must be a female trait this propagrandstanding. Loiuse Nicholas comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

And we now have a government who'd rather back Comrade Sue than 88 per cent of the people who voted in the referendum. Funny how her murky past is now swept under the carpet. What is wrong with Key, why can he not see the wood for the trees? What a let down he is.

Sus said...

"What is wrong with Key, why can he not see the wood for the trees? What a let down he is."

On the contrary, Anon. He's behaving entirely consistently with his pre-election rhetoric.

If you voted National last year, you're receiving the very statism for which you voted.

It's a shame, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. Anon.

Psycho Milt said...

Loiuse Nicholas comes to mind.

Aye - all that fuss, just for being raped a few times...

Rex Widerstrom said...

Tom Hunter:

And I replied: http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2009/08/i_got_hacked_-_yeah_right.html#comment-602473

I agree entirely with the "propagrandstanding" (great term, Gooner) and had said so up thread.

I also acknowledge your opinion - that she's also doing it partially to try to demonise anyone to the right of her politically - as a possibility.

I just hoped it wasn't true. I've been called a cycnic lately... I was trying to see the glass half full this time ;-)

Falafulu Fisi said...

I recalled a blog comment (somewhere) from a cop or someone who knew that cop which said that Comrade Sue spat on the officer's face. That's disgusting if it was true.

I thought Comrade Sue stands for improving people's life (ie, increased wages, protections against workers, etc,...). What has anti-smacking got to do with increasing people's financial well being? Nothing. Instead, she got into parliament and drafted legislation to nanny the citizens. Pathetic.