Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sue Bradford for Len Brown's deputy?

Len Brown must have something go seriously wrong with him after his massive heart problems for him to come out and back Sue Bradford onto the new Auckland Council.

Why would anyone endorse one of the most divisive and unpopular politicians in NZ as a partner on the new council? With this kind of judgment, Len Brown isn't fit for a community board, much less the biggest job in politics after the Prime Ministership!

Who will Len endorse next for a potential team mate? Winston Peters? David Bain?


WAKE UP said...

Hey Len! Bad call.

Gooner said...

Great call Len. You've just made it much easier for Banks to win. At this rate I won't have to press any flesh for John next year.

Sinner said...

Banks is going to win whatever the fucking left does.

If Mike Lee joins in, the self-destruction will be all the sweeter!

The Veteran said...

'By their utterances you shall know them'.

Lefty Len Brown has just taken himself out of serious contention for the Super City Mayoralty.

He should concentrate on picking up rubbish. TV News tonight would have it that the Council he runs isn't too good at that.

errrrrrr ... rubbish, Bradford, Brown ... spot the connection.

Redbaiter said...

Don't forget Banks turned to water last election. Started talking like a liberal/ Progressive.

WAKE UP said...

All the above aside, it's slim pickings, ain't it? Where's the Knight On White Horse galloping into sight that we REALLY need?