Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Shrivelled Organ of the Left

Relied upon for more than nine years to spread the gospel of St Helen, the odious Sunday Star Times

today stoops to a new low with a manufactured story purporting to show that the troops and officers of the Special Air Service somehow are unhappy about their deployment to Afghanistan.

Read the piece and you will see it contains not one item of verifiable fact. Just line after line of supposition and innuendo - written in the style one has come to expect from the so called peace movement and the other useless organs of the left.

The piece de restistance is this fatuous self serving claptrap.

"The Sunday Star-Times has been given information about new SAS missions, but is withholding details that might compromise unit safety."

"Given information" by whom? John Minto, Nicky Hager? Kieth Locke?

If the Sunday Times cared one jot for the safety and security of our troops it would not print ridiculous junk like this report.


The Veteran said...

I would be suprised if this is anything more than some incompetent journo interviewing his/her typewriter.

But if it is true (and I again state that I doubt it) then that SAS "commander" (the article does not make it clear if it is an officer or senior NCO) has broken one of the very basic rules of conduct that you sign up to when you join the SAS.

And you can be assured that he will be identified and his future as a member of that unit is something less than zip, zero, nothing.

SAS don't do blabbermouths.

coge said...

Surely the SAS, as an institution, would unable to publicly respond to such allegations. So a third rate journo could print what they like.

Hamish Collins said...

My eyes - they burn!

KG said...

Vet, I just plain don't believe it. Politicians may well be talking about a change in mission profiles and that could well leak, but at Regimental level the idea of someone leaking details of stuff that--at best--would still be in the planning stages is all but inconceivable.
As you point out, the Regiment doesn't do blabbermouths. They take as much pride in keeping their mouths shut as they do in their expertise.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Perhaps they are acting on instructions from their friends at the New Your Times.

sagenz said...

Its a sunday morning and you confront me with that addie.

Anonymous said...

technically that picture is of a shrivelled organ of the right.

In any case Adolf, stop with the self portraits. You aren't really Scott Watson are you?


Redbaiter said...

"I would be suprised if this is anything more than some incompetent journo interviewing his/her typewriter."

For fuck's sake. When the hell are you going to wake up you pathetic stooge. You're being back doored. The forces I know you support so strongly are being undermined by these communist bastards and you're busy making excuses for them.

You're losing badly, and you have been for years, and when I see such damn foolish mental supplication to the agents of international socialism it ain't hard to understand why they're winning so comprehensively.

Wizen up for chrissakes.

WAKE UP said...

Looks like Adolf interviewed more than his typewriter :)

Concerned Retiree said...

I think that the journo who wrote that was a woman, so it would have been appropriate to post a vagina instead.

The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... stupid comment and quite infantile at that.

At least address the issue please.

A SAS 'Commander' is supposed to have opened his trap.

And I for one don't believe it.

And you draw a particularly long bow and somehow it bacomes part of the 'communist conspiracy'.


Redbaiter said...

"At least address the issue please."

I did. the issue is the National Party's cravens supplication to the ideology of the left and their apaprent inablity to think of any way out of their submissive state.

If they were as strong as they should be, and leading the political debate instead of so lamely following in the footsteps of the Progressives there would be no way any scum "journalist" would be printing such allegations.

Here's another example of their political confusion- A "Peace March", and look who is there-

“(Lucy) Lawless said it was great to see the diversity of marchers, who included members of women’s rights, nuclear free, and animal rights groups as well as Sri Lankan rights protesters. Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey, MPs Nikki Kaye, Keith Locke and Hone Harawira also joined the march.”

Utterly clueless.

The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... (very) occasionally you make sense. But those mements are overshadowed by your over the top rhetoric which make Joe McCarthey and Timothy McVeah sound like bleeding heart liberals.

I would hazard a guess you have never 'fought' communists and communism (except from the relative comfort of your keyboard) so your words are cheap.

But some of us have seen first hand that crappy ideology and know that when the push comes to the shove there is really no difference between the extreme right and extreme left of politics.

Both are intolerant of differing opinions with the Left shooting dissenters are the Right blowing them up.

But I guess in your lexicon the end justifies the means.

In the meantime the SAS will do their job with or without your support.