Sunday, September 27, 2009

The relief of being declared free

I am so relieved. I have been having nightmares, but its all OK now. Red thinks I am not a socialist. Simply by virtue of the fact I post here.
You might find sympathy for your smug supercilious utterings among socialists, but on No Minister and other similar places we're free thinkers and free speechers, with a history you know nothing of, and you are an unwelcome and odious interloper.
Red is trying to discourage Pablo from recording his views here. ( As is Adolf for that matter). Always welcome on my comments Pablo.

For the record I think PC was within his rights, but misguided. I have had various discussions about unmoderated comments. I believe in free speech and now simply don't engage when people lose the plot. Which seems to be the case on Red being outed, all over the blogosphere. PC will be trembling with fear at being labelled of the left.

I simply cannot fathom how free speech and comment moderation go hand in hand. We offer a public forum and occasionally somebody says poo. Inciting criminal activity such as assassination or defamation steps across a line.


Redbaiter said...

To be truthful, your comments here have been so nowhere, I actually forgot all about you Phil. I did have Psycho Milt in mind tho when further down I qualified my statement with "if I can speak for MOST others".

I was actually thinking back to the events that sparked the advent of this blog and NZ Conservative. Events that you Phil were thankfully not part of. (Milt was though to his credit, although I belive it was a strain)

You're an enabler Phil. Your bowing and scraping to the commies gives them the legitimacy they need so badly, and while they're always grateful for that, I wish you weren't here, and its a bad start to my day to be reminded that you are.

Pablo said...

I would not bother with the ranter. What is interesting is how inconsistent Adolf is on the matter. This is a guy who approved the outing of the two beneficiaries a while back (as did most righties), but now thinks naming RB was a moral crime. Geez. Plus he somehow thinks that I was 'repulsed" by his childish name calling when in fact I enjoyed a nice tit for tat with others once Adolf went to bed (early to rest, as they say).

Adolf should be happy that I commented, as it sparked the debate and got him some traffic. I do agree with KG on another thread that it is often the most inconsequential of posts that gets the most views.

Redbaiter said...

For your information Pablo, I was speaking metaphorically, and attempting to address a state of mind. One that true Conservatives adhere to and Progressives reject.

As a simple and current example, one only has to look at Not PC to see the post by the silly little fag Elijah, wherein he labels me a wife beater etc, yet nobody on the left is complaining about that.

Its as Tom said on Kiwiblog the other day, you camouflage yourself under a cloud of faux respectability, and pose as a free speecher, when the actuality is that you're as rude arrogant and intolerant as any normal and garden type Stalinist. You just use different language is all.

Sus said...

"I simply cannot fathom how free speech and comment moderation go hand in hand."

Property rights, Sage.

My house - my blog - my rules.

Redbaiter said...

Not PC blamed me for his decision to introduce moderation on the grounds I had spammed the site. This was an entirely false allegation. I also reject totally the claim that I have posted numerous messages there recently. Absolute hogwash.

Both allegations were cowardly self serving fabrications.

sagenz said...

sus - This is a public space, not a private space. Akin to a bar rather than a home. There is no invitation or password key. People can enter freely. And thus unless they threaten all views are acceptable imho.

The logical extension of public spaces not being subject to free speech is that state owned property is subject to government control over free speech. And I am a very long way from that.

I struggle to believe speaking ill of a government or ideas should be capable of being banned in any public space

Sus said...

I disagree over your definition of "public" and "private" in this respect, Sage.

A blog remains the property of its owner. Thus, it is *not* "public" property, inasmuch as my/your home is not a public space.

Thus I repeat: your blog - your rules.


Redbaiter said...

"Thus, it is *not* "public" property, inasmuch as my/your home is not a public space."

"Home" = "blog' is just absurdity. Nuts.

Sus said...


What bit of 'property rights' or 'ownership' don't you understand, Red?

Redbaiter said...

Suze, if you strut yourself on K road at 2am on Sunday morning you're going to get groped by more than paying customers.

sagenz said...

sus - assume I am a moron. The bar is also privately owned but I am welcome to enter providing I am willing to abide by standards of behaviour. Some bars stop people who are poorly dressed, some only when they start fighting or threatening other patrons. I prefer bars without dress codes.

I am not welcome to enter a private home without an invitation or having been given a key.

Can you explain why a blog which I am free to enter is not more like a bar than a home.

Sus said...

" if you strut yourself on K road .. you're going to get groped by more than paying customers."

LOL! That may be true, but it doesn't make it right! Oh God .. by that I don't mean it's 'left', either ... ;)

(Besides, if the roads/footpaths were privately owned, etc!)

Thanks for the chuckle.

Sus said...

Hi Sage .. I see your point & take it.

But are you not splitting hairs just a smidge?

Going back to your comment with which I initially took issue regarding free speech versus comments moderation, private ownership is just that: private.

And if property rights were fully respected in NZ -- which they most certainly are not -- then I should be entitled to call all shots on my property, no matter the type, eg private, commercial, etc.

Thus, I ought to be able to permit/exclude anybody I wish for whatever reason.

ps: I don't think you're a moron. ;)