Sunday, September 27, 2009

So the Recession is over?

They reckon the recession is over.

1. Hopefully there has been a change in human nature regarding consumerism. People will once again understand, not the cost of something, but the value. Retailers that continually try to hoodwink people with fake sales deserve now to fail. People should know a fair price and be prepared to pay it. They should also learn to negotiate. If you do not ask you do not recieve.

2. The worst is that Key and National have missed the boat to use the recession to actually make some structural changes to our economy and more importantly, our psyche.

Borrow money, run deficits, 9 day fortnights, cycle tracks, housing allowances, UN security councils. Yep they really made the most of it.

Now we will stagger on as an economy buying and selling stuff between ourselves, slaves to commodity prices, high interest rates and a dollar we have no control over.

What a wasted opportunity to show some real leadership, hand some responsibility back to the people and say that the government can no longer be all things to all people.

Update. We spend $160mil a day but can't keep this open 24/7. We want core activities NOT social welfare engineering. Get a spending and tax structure in place that we can afford and incentivises people to work and create wealth. Who wants to invest in business here when all you are is a tax cashcow to feed people to do nothing.


Anonymous said...

What else did you expect from the National Socialists aka Labour Lite?

The Veteran said...

Anonymous ... name calling and especially stupid name calling is no substitute for reasoned debate.

But if what you are saying is true then equally you would have to argue that ACT is devoid of all morale courage and principles by remaining part of the Government.

Sus said...

But National *is* socialist, Vet.

That's not "stupid name calling"; it's true! ;)

KG said...

You couldn't arrange to have this post tattooed on JK's forehead could you Lou? Reversed--so he would see it in the mirror every morning.

Sinner said...

Waitakere's emergency department is only open between 8am and 6.30pm.

Private medical centre White Cross is 400m from the hospital but patients have to pay fees for treatment there.

What the big problem? Really?? Fact of the matter is, NZ simply cannot afford the standard of living for all that they expect. "Free" public clinics will ration their service, cut their hours etc. Ditto schools. This is basically a good thing - better than whacking up GST or Taxes another 10% to cover it all. John Keys stated overall strategy is to manage the decline of NZ from first-world to second-world living standards.

There is of course an easy solution to this problem too: if Waitakere A&E charged real fees, it would have no problem staying open 24/7 - just like the private clinic next door. But Key won't allow that, so the Waitakere clinic is open only 1/3rd of the time.

Socialism = Rationing. You only get what the country can afford.

Shane Pleasance said...

We have been offered neither leadership nor the resources to take leadership & responsibility for ourselves. As a nation we are squandering such incredible opportunity.

Sally said...

And English on behalf of taxpayers is borrowing $400 million a week.

He says that the government needed to create an environment where jobs were protected and more sustainable jobs created.


Heine said...

Spending is as out of control as it was when Key took the reigns off Helen. Key made a lame attempt to get ACT to help shave off the wastage and then ignored much of it.

In a crisis you should turn to those who have experience.. instead they put English in charge of finance and he has done little but to feather his own nest.

You get what you deserve I say. I have warned people about trusting National making any difference for ages. I would have thought the election campaign would have shown them up as Labour Lite but people still believed. The Labour theory that people only voted for a fresher face seems to be true.


It is interesting the latest Colmar-Brunton poll reveals a swing from National to ACT, as I reveal this morning.
Are righties upset with National acting as Liarbour-lite?
Good to see the poll shows the Greens out of parliament.
I see no-one else has posted the poll.
Was it because like me, we were still out enjoying the daylight rather than watching One News?
But back to government spending, didn't Homepaddock reveal a 0.1% drop or something?

Sus said...

"The Labour theory that people only voted for a fresher face seems to be true."

Not just Labour's theory, Heine.

That National party supporters currently cheer this govt for doing largely the same as the last, whom they (correctly) berated up hill & down dale, is obscene.


Anonymous said...

I won't suuport Act though, because they'll still prop up a Labourlite govt, and I agree, National is now Labour with a different face, Key is so timid! Disappointing, NZ is still doomed at this rate.