Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Private Schools For Dumbarses?

Nowhere here can I see any indication that pupils wishing to apply for this remarkably generous gesture from ACT will need first to demonstrate that they can at least read, write and count.

It would appear an illiterate dumbarse thirteen year old from Len Brown country (the home of all illiterate dumbarses) could go into the ballot and win $75,000 of my money for private school fees.

All he has to do is prove that his parents are no hopers and he's a shoe in.

What will the poor unsuspecting staff of the flash private schools do with a thirteen year old who can't read, write or count but knows how to say Tangata Whenua and Rangatiratanga?

You'd think Audrey Young might have had enough brains to ask such an obvious question.


Anonymous said...

There's no problem at all:

If you are a successful applicant, it is up to you to find a suitable private school within eight weeks. It is at the discretion of each private school as to whether an applicant can be enrolled, and some schools may not have the capacity for any more enrolments. If you cannot find a suitable school within eight weeks you will no longer be eligible for the scholarship.

Or rather the only problem is that some private schools will pollute their student body with too many scholarship kids. I mean, a having a few scholarship kids is good, got to have someone to be toilet monitor, someone you can smack about a bit knowing they can't complain - this way means that the fee's I'm paying to my kids don't have to be used to subsidize 'em.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, it would seem the Mined is leaving the dirty work to the private schools.

"There are absolutely no academic prerequisites needed to be eligible for an Aspire scholarship. However, there may be academic requirements at the private school a scholarship student wants to enrol at - this would be at the discretion of each private school."

Pity the people at Mined didn't learn to speak English:-

Should read:-

".....there may be academic requirements at the private school at which a scholarship student wants to enrol....."

And we wonder why the kids are illiterate.


Anonymous said...

Are you truly too witless to understand this is the voucher system your capitalist mates have screamd for for decades?

The state subsidises private fee paying schools to educate 'schol kids', letting the private schools cherry pick the students they want and reject the rest. But the Minister can put hand on heart and say that students of diverse ethni/decile/etc background were given scholarships. What a rort!

Let's be blunt - there is nothing stopping any child attending any school in the country right now. Zoning just gives you the right to attend your nearest school - it does not block you choosing to go to another school, as thousands do every day. Kids can even go to private schools, if they can afford it; if they can't, there are scholarships for brighter students. For the less bright, well they weren't going to be accepted anyway, were they?

That was the whole point - a subsidy for capable poor students to attend private schools, propping up the private school's finances, while boosting the academic and sporting prowess of the mediocre rich kids. And leaving the poor, less capable students to fester & rot in the underfunded state system. Thanks capitalists ;(

kehua said...

``Tino Rangatirotanga`` dummas.