Monday, September 21, 2009

NZ's First Spiritual Business Adviser

Here's one Sideswipe missed.

It's in today's Herald business page.

"The biggest single issue in New Zealand's productivity is the failure to get smart independent advice, says Don Jaine, head of management consultancy Seqel. Many boards are full of accountants and lawyers who are not fit for the job, he argues. It is often not until death, illness or out of loneliness that business owners start looking for external help, he says."

Adolf wonders if Jesus Christ pays the bills for his clients' advice.


Anonymous said...

What utter CRAP

The reason for NZ's crap productibity is that Kiwi workers are slack-arse bludgers - and that the law prevents employers from kicking their arses!

Fix the law! Repeal the union act, repeal the ERA, stomp on the political wing of the unions (the Labour and Green parties), get rid of wasteful restrictions on working (4 weeks leave!!! etc) and NZ's productivity will certainly improve

Anonymous said...

Well spotted, NM, hilarious.

That crack about camels and needles didn't put JC in the capitalist camp!

Maybe it was Judas who was the profit maximiser?

Better depart, or the fundies will be after me....