Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now TheTruth Comes Out

There is some serious dirty work going down among the blood sucking community in Auckland. It appears DML faked the complaints to the Health Commissioner.

This morning Adolf asked some questions and the answers are coming 'thick and fast' to use the immortal words of the thick as pig shit Health Commissioner.

Earlier today there was an e-mail from a person who verified that at least two of the complaints came from relatives of the doctors concerned and a few minutes ago came the killer punch.

"Yes, at least 3 complaints to the Commissioner were made by a DML employee's wife. This person is currently commenting on the Herald site as ** (***** *****).
Another 4 complaints have been made by the Drs at * ***** ****. These Drs, one being *** ****** were being paid a considerable sum of money to collect blood on site. It must be cutting deep into the pockets!
So, we have 7 of the complaints being severely suspect."

Mr Ryall, it's time you got into this lot, boots and all. Labtests are being screwed by a duplicitous and lying bunch of losers at DML, aided and abetted by a compliant and lazy NZ Herald and a clever PR man. You need to carpet the CEOs of the three Auckland DHBs, rip the shit out of your idiot Health Commissioner and be ready for some very very big damages suits from Labtests.

If a dumb old blogger like me can see thought the tawdry charade, where the hell has all your army of officials been?

Come on man, time to get off your arse.


Anonymous said...

Hooton's not that clever. If he was, they wouldn't have got caught.

Anonymous said...

DML and the DHB chiefs are all beholden to Labour, remember?

and as for the officials -we know all about them.

As we said after the election: we need to purge the civil service (including DHBs, Schools, Hospitals, Unis etc) of all Labourists and Unionists.

or else things happens. I'm not surprised.

OK I'm not surprised they tried it on.
I am surprised Ryall fell for it!

KG said...

O/T Adolf, but I'd be interested in your take on the Maori Party helping get the ETS passed and charging the taxpayer for "free" home insulation as the price of that.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

KG yest it is OT and yes I'm less than impressed short term but I wonder what has been gained long term.

WAKE UP said...

Adolf, I like your style, but I'm gonna have to quote you: "If a dumb old blogger like me can see thought the tawdry charade"

...which began so long ago that you've forgotten how it happened. It has been a tawdry charade indeed - watch this space.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'Industrial Espionage ' is the phrase which best describes what is going on here. The people behind the complaints all will eventually be found to have a vested interest in thwarting the successful tenderer.

The likely result will be (a) massive civil action against the DHBs and the Health Commissioner; civil and possibly criminal action against Mr Hooton's PR company; and the disbarring of DML from tendering for the provision of service when the current contract expires.

Sus said...

Re: Free insulation for Maori homes as part of ETS rort:

"I'm less than impressed short term but I wonder what has been gained long term."

Adolf, you are the limit. If Labour & the Greens had cooked up this sort of obscenity when they were in power, you'd have been the first to scream "bullshit".

Time to take off those blue glasses and recognise pure politicking when it rears its ugly head, eh. And as for the taxpayers, who cares?

You're in danger of not recognising a principle if it jumped up and introduced itself.

WAKE UP said...

"Industrial corruption" is the phrase which best describes how this debacle came about in the first place, and I'll wager that any proper inquiry would find exactly the opposite to what you predict.

WAKE UP said...

Except for this: "massive civil action against the DHBs and the Health Commissioner"

Oh yes, we need that all right - but not for your wishful reasons.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wake Up you are being tiresome. The rights and wrongs of the tender process are not at issue. The courts have decided and you can't relitigate all that.

The issue here is the DHB's incompetence is supervising the hand over and DML's appalling attempts to sabotage the successful tenderer by way of a carefully orchestrated campaign of lies, misinformation and innuendo.

I suggest Mr Hooton by now has probably done some serious damage to the future value of his consulting firm.

Anonymous said...

Oh yawn, another conspiracy theorist. I would imagine most GPs in Auckland would have received payment for collecting blood from DML at some time, but they were hardly going to get rich at $5 a pop. Doesn't even cover costs.

As for the wife of the DML staffer, I'm sure she would have declared her interest otherwise Labtests would have been squealing immediately to the HDC as it seems they have to you. Or are you suggesting she made her complaints up? Give us a break.

Don't think you're seeing through anything, just seeing things.

WAKE UP said...

"Wake Up you are being tiresome."

Adolf, there you go again, plying the man instead of the ball - how very tiresome of you.

I am remaining focused on the corrupt process that brought this debacle about (which can most certainly be overturned when proven to be so) and endeavouring to get others to do the same.

Every time you say something fatuous about the situation as it is now - which is, in reality, that AUCKLAND'S PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM IS IN GRAVE DANGER - I reserve the right to remind you and the public how that situation CAME ABOUT, because it is there that the solution also lies.

You can clutch at latter-day technical straws, circuses and diversions as much as you like, but if you wish to (a) keep your head in the sand regarding the fudamental corruption underpinning this entire situation and (b) abuse respondents who disagree with your post, instead of being able to argue your case effectively, I suggest you don't post.

Read my lips:

re the Labtests debacle - you ain't seen nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

Wake Up

1) What do you know about diagnostic testing?
2) How is Auckland's health in grave danger?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wake Up

Your anesthetist has failed you.

One day you will realise, when you finally do wake up, that DML cannot overturn a court decision. If, as you are suggesting, DML thinks it can conjure enough imaginary complaints from people with vested interests to somehow cause the DHB to abrogate it's contract with Labtests, then you and it are dreaming.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BTW Wake Up, the health commissioner has conceded that four of the thirteen complaints were to do with waiting times for service so in fact only nine of the complaints might be considered relevant.

How's your scenario looking now?

What will you say when it becomes known that most, if not all, of the remaining complaints were put up by four doctors closely associated with the losers at DML?