Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Mr Ryall

Something smells very fishy in Auckland.

There are some unanswered questions I'd like you to answer, if you don't mind.
  • What vested interest do the doctors leading the charge against Labtests have?
  • Why have Labtests been subjected to the wrath of the DHB's when there have been only thirteen complaints received by the Health Commissioner?
  • How many similar complaints were received during the same period last year?
  • How many of the thirteen complaints relate to service provided by DML before the changeover? (I've seen reports there is at least one.)
  • How many of the complaints refer to waiting times? (I note the reduced number of blood sucking stations were specified by the DHBs so it seems unfair to blame Labtests for the resultant delays)
  • How many of the thirteen complaints were made by DML staff or their family members?
  • Over what period were these complaints received?
  • What percentage of total blood suckings do these non waiting time complaints represent? One in a thousand? One in ten thousand? One in one hundred thousand?
  • Why, two weeks after the changeover, do I still see DML signs dotting the countryside?
Please treat this open letter as an Official Information request.




WAKE UP said...

Adolf,as I said - it's the sound of chickens comin home to roost.

To which I now add Virgil Grissom's immortal quote (paraphrased here), as he sat atop the Apollo rocket: Ït suddenly occurred to me that I was about o be fired into space in a metal tube that had been built by the guy who put in the lowest tender".'

A perfect description of the risk that has been taken with Auckland's public health.

Anonymous said...

it's the sound of chickens comin home to roost.
Hell yeah. But no in the way you realise

A perfect description of the risk that has been taken with Auckland's public health.

The point in simple: NZ's economy can no longer support free universal public heathcare at the level you might like. It just can't. This is a fact. DHBs are therefore finding ways basically to reduce service - push them onto other DHBs or crunch down tenders
This isn't something that a DHB can fix, nor something that a Mnister can fix

What a Minister can do - and what only Don Brash and Roger Douglas have been doing - is saying honestly and openly that the time for universal free healthcare NZ is gone, and we have to manage that decline
in the future, perhaps we can improve our economy to be able to afford it. But no respectable economist thinks that that will be easy; that it will take less than a generation; and that we can continue to provide healthcare, especially to the non-productive, in the interim.

But the rest of DHBs, Labour, the Greens, and even Ryall, are deep in denial.

Anonymous said...

The answers are easy - none of the HDC issues relate to pre-10 August, DML staff, family or friends. Labtests in the space of 5 short weeks managed to do this to themselves. How? Why? Maybe by adopting a level of arrogance not seen in a business in this country for some time. And if you knew anything about the real issue you would know why DML signs abound in the city! If you don't know the full story move on to a topic you might know something about

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous, you do it so well! !

....adopting a level of arrogance not seen......

WAKE UP said...

Anonynous: "DHBs are therefore finding ways basically to reduce service - push them onto other DHBs or crunch down tenders"

The point is: on this issue (public health, life, death and al that) it DOESN'T save a damn cent - because every health issue avoided now merely comes back in spades later. It's not a "choice" or "lifestyle" issue to be dealt out to the lowest tenderer - it's WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

The fact that the Labtests farrago was also a corrupt insider rort just adds to this stupidity.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I thought so.

Just had confirmation by e-mail that two of the thirteen complains were from family members of doctors involved in the anti Labtests campaign.

Remember these are the guys who took a hypocritic oath.

Anonymous said...

if the DHBs wanted less service for less money thats fine. but thats not whats they've been bleating on about for the last 3 year - apparently there was to be same service for less money. And Ulf has been saying that even though there are less collection rooms there would be more bleeding "chairs". so problem solved right?
what ever happened to the camper vans??
perhaps the DHBs are grumpy because of the all the samples being dumped on their hospital labs and the delays in their outpatient clinics particularly haematology/oncology due to unavailability of results when supposedly they have bought same service.

CB said...

Oh dear, Anon 7:19 is reading from the DML/Hooten script!!

Dumping samples at hospitals? I don't think so. Labtests are processing 10,000 of them per day. I don't think they need to dump on the weeny hospital labs.

Oh about those Hospital Doctors. Could some of them be the same ones listed on the DML site as consultant pathologists.

Could Anon have a vested interest in spining?