Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bon voyage......

...and God speed to the guys from the NZ SAS who have been sent back to Afghanistan as part of a multinational force.

Of course Goff, Locke, and the other other handwringers, aren't happy to see them go.
This from Goff; "I think a growing number of people in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world are concerned that we would be sending our people to die for a regime that we don't believe is an effective governor of Afghanistan."
Locke chimes in with;
"The election had been "obviously fraudulent" and questioned why the SAS should be risking their lives to support it.

"The American-led war is destabilising the country and causing many civilian casualties," he said.

"It's crazy to send the SAS just as Western public opinion is turning against the war and most commentators describe it as unwinnable."

While it's plainly obvious that the current regime is nowhere near satisfactory, I can see that with the application of appropriate pressure, persuasion, and incentives, something better will emerge over the long term. In calling for a pullout of the SAS and similar forces, are Goff and Locke doing nothing nothing more than providing tacit support for the entity that will then usurp Kasai's government? See below for details.



Heine said...

This is the same Keith Locke who wrote enthusiastically about the positives of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan...his opinion means nothing.

Grant said...

I agree, his opinion means nothing, but sadly he is a member of our Parliament.

muz said...

Locke is one outstanding demonstration of a weakness of MMP where the dopy prick is given profile way beyond his worth. Stalin, Mao. Honecker, Kims x 2, Pol Pot and so many others who have killed millions of innocents and he whines about some towel heads most of whom would cut their mothers throat for nothing. Has he ever stood for anyone most of US would admire

JC said...

I accept that Afghanistan could well be unwinnable in the conventional sense but sometimes you just have to hold to a seemingly unwinnable stance till something happens to provide either an escalation that can be attacked in a more familiar way.. or there's a resolution that sort of works for us.

I think we are too used to thinking in terms of "winning" rather than holding a geopolitical position.

John Key has said it succinctly..

“I think the alternative is that we are left with a country where control is ceded to the Taleban, where in all probability more terrorist activities will be planned and schemes will be hatched.”


The Veteran said...

Four incisive comments above.

Now we just need the taxpayer funded 'Frog' to crap on the party.