Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asleep At The Wheel Again

The antque media.

At 1130 hrs today dairy farmers across NZ received a news flash on their cell phones. How do I know?

Adolf was insuring a young share milking couple with five pre-school kids when the call came through.

Electrifying it was. Stupendous news.

The forecast payout has been increased by a whopping 55c to $5.10 per kilo and the first advance is up to $3.60.

Nearly four hours later and it doesn't even yet rate a mention in the online news services.




It's the fault of the accountants Adolf.
There is not always enough reporters in the newsrooms.
If there were, some wouldn't be at home perusing the blogs.
I must say, had I been in Granny's newsroom, I would have ensured a decent story.


I've just had a look and I see the NBR posted a story around 11-30, the Herald around 12-30 and Stuff just after 1pm, noting the impact on the value of the kiwi dollar.
Maybe we can blame the various webmasters for not having the story in an acessable place.

Anonymous said...

Had Fonterra cut the payout or Henry VD Heyden been egged at the announcement, the fuckers would have run it straight away.

I was talking to a senior editor at Granny at the time and he broke away to have a conversation with someone in the newsroom about it. The side I heard was:
"Just get the press release and we'll run that. Someone else can ring a dairy farmer later..."

homepaddock said...

Jamie McKay had the news on The Farming Show at mid day.

Shareholders got an email at 12.25.

Too soon for champagne, but a celebratory milkshake is in order.

MikeG said...

It was on the nzherald.co.nz "Breaking News" scrolling bar by about midday - but I guess you don't count that as online news Adolf!

thedeityformerlyknownasnigel6888 said...

wakey wakey. We're being played.

Hmm, ok so the capital raising plan is going down like a cup of cold sick, so lets raise the odds.

Hey people! look we've just found another $0.55 a kg down the back of the sofa, neat eh!

you can trust us after all, vote for the plan!

The black arts of PR are a wonderous thing. Shame about the dollar going to 72 and screwing the economy, but hey, whats good for dairy is good for NZ...