Sunday, August 30, 2009

The World is a Better Place

One of America's greatest cowards ever will be farewelled today and buried at Arlington Memorial Cemetery. Read the nauseating report of the pre-match function.

Cremation would have been more appropriate but then again, Mary Jo Kopechne now will be able to look down from Heaven and watch the longer version as Edward Kennedy burns in Hell for eternity.


KG said...

I can't believe the lying, hypocritical sack of shit is being buried at Arlington.
That's pollution, that is.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Indeed it is.

Ollo Chubb said...

"Dead Kennedys" rock band to change its name to "Ted Kennedys"

Heh, saw this on another blog.


The media coverage has been quite quite shameful and fawning.I'm told the BBC has been most nauseating.
Even Fox News has been a little over the top.
They kept desribing him as a Liberal Lion.
The only lion cowardly Kennedy reminds me of is the one in the Wizard of Oz.

Andrei said...

You would have to wonder what the coverage is going to be like when
Robert Byrd shuffles off this mortal coil.

He has after all been in the senate longer than the late Senator Kennedy and is a better public speaker too boot

Anonymous said...

"lying", "hypocritical", "cowardly" - do you have any idea how big Kennedy was in US politics despite the awful blemish on his career? Do you know what he achieved during his time as a Senator? Do you know what he did in his own time with the under privileged and the poor? On this matter, Kiwis, if that is who you commenters are, have no idea what they are talking about. Which is a pity because usually you are much better than that.

Uncle Sam Down South

KG said...

Uncle Sam, you forgot to mention his fundraising efforts for PIRA--I had to clean up some of the results of that by the way.

KG said...

And it's nice to know that drowning a girl while drunk and lying about it is a mere "blemish"...

Anonymous said...

KG I'm not arguing with you - I said awful blemish, and perhaps you are right that a stronger word is needed - but I don't think it was ever proven that he was drunk or that he lied about it. He ran away, for sure, and at this moment is hopefully wrestling with his soul for that. I was referring to the many years of service, perhaps it was atonement - who will ever know - that we here in the US also judge him by. I wonder if any man is perfect?

Uncle Sam Down South

KG said...

Fair enough, Uncle Sam--I'd hate to be judged only on the worst things I've done. Most of us like to think that some degree of atonement is possible, non?
I guess a lot of the comments about the man are a reaction to the nauseating media coverage he's getting right now.
'fair and balanced' etc... :-)

alex Masterley said...

I hope Teddy ends up rooming with Ian Paisley when he finally gets sent to hell.

Anonymous said...

An alcoholic serial womaniser, who in the only critical issues in his life actively did the wrong thing.

He left a Kennedy groupie to die in the most horrible way while he ran off and hid trying to concoct an alibi to emplain why he had been at an orgy, and why he was off to a tryst with a young woman not his wife.

During the cold war he offered to intercede for Andropov to undermine the legitimate president's policies.

I suppose he wasnt shagging call girls in the Lincoln bedroom like his big brother, so thats one small mercy.

Determinedly on the wrong side of history.

A dishonest scumbag from the most corrupt dynasty in US politics. How did Joe make his money again? Why was the Mafia used to "get out the vote" for JFK again?

and get me riled and I can probably point to some bad stuff they did too - how about trying to destroy the world through facing down the USSR while high as a kite on drugs?

Great people the lot of them.

Robert was the only one with potential, and he was whacked for not playing ball by the people who thought they owned JFK - because they had paid for him.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wishes that another human being burn in hell for eternity needs to get their head examined. That's a really sick (and sad) thing to say about someone else.