Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Labour's position on Maori seats on Auckland Council?

It appears Labour has backed down on its position on guaranteed Maori seats for the Auckland Council.

In May Shane Jones proposed a bill to guarantee Maori representation on the Council. And in June Labour showed its hand by departing from the Royal Commission recommendation that a Mana Whenua seat be created. That's right, they disagreed with the Royal Commission on Maori seats.

But today over at Red Alert, Grant Robertson was even more pithy and vague:
David: Labour believes strong Maori participation is critical to the success of the Auckland. Just as the Maori seats in Parliament guarantee a Maori voice in Parliament a similar arrangement could work well on the Auckland Council.

The sad reality though is that these decisions are not going to be taken by Labour. It is really interesting that Mr Farrar and others try to divert the conversation. The issue here is about what National will do.

Could work well? What about "necessary"? Or even "imperative"? And even ACT believes strong Maori participation is critical. So there is nothing new there. In typical Labour spinspeak, Robertson's comment equates to pseudo mumbo jumbo.

Phil Goff needs to portray himself as a centrist, almost on the right, and gain back some of the centre ground John Key has gobbled up. He needs to show the country he stands against apartheid-type seats. He won't be able to do that with race-based legislation.

So Labour has backed down.



This is interesting Gooner.
I noted last night that Liarbour did indeed want separate Maori seats in May.
It does seem that they are wobbling.
Someone needs to clarify the issue with Goff, especially as TV3 reports them calling for Rodney Hide to go..

Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sake, this is a complete fucking sideshow MSM beat up - made worse by Rodney's stupid commend...

I Why the fuck couldn't Rodney resign over something important

* I'll resign unless the super-council is restricted to core business (oh, and libraries and schools are not fucking core business!)
* I'll resign unless there is a ratepayer franchise
* I'll resign unless there is a poll tax not a wealth tax
* I'll resign unless the rates are capped!
or even

* I'll resign if Key makes me vote for TAX INCREASES --- which if course he did.

but no, let's bash the Maoris. Good one Rodders. Good one Rog. Good one Boscowen and Garrett. Real fucking leadershite.

Anonymous said...

Good on Rodney. Obviously some people don't recognise a principled stand when they see it. Most of us are heartily sick of hearing the whining of a certain sector of the populace constantly demanding special privileges.

Mrs Danvers


I can hardly see giving Maori the same rights as anyone else is bashing Maori.

I am always puzzled how TV3 etc talk about 'Maori' as if they were some big unthinking collectivist lump who all think the same way.

I bet most Maori don't even think about the Auckland Supercity.

TV3 is being most mischievous in its reporting in focuassing on Rodney and National.

I have blogged on the issue over at my place.

Hamish Collins said...

More likely that the poll driven fruitcakes have read the latest UMR/Labour poll and realised that Maori seats are very unpopular and so are backing off.

WAKE UP said...

Anon, it's not a sideshow, there's an important democratic principle at stake, which I shouldn't have to explain to you.

That aside, your excellent list of other important issues that aren't getting any traction confirms that our politics are as irrelevant as ever.

Anonymous said...

Actually, more to the point

"What's Labour's position on Maori seats on Auckland Council?"

Who gives a damn what Labour's position is on anything - at least say until 2079?