Friday, August 21, 2009

Well what else would she say...?

The Greens pet commie had this to say on the expected reult of the CIR:

She says tonight’s vote count will not provide an objective picture of community attitudes.

“How that is expressed tonight will be fundamentally flawed whatever the result,” she says.

“Even if we had a referendum result on our side, I still think it would be flawed because the referendum question was so flawed.”

Bollocks, bollocks, and bollocks again bradford.

Allow me to translate for the benefit of the exceedingly retarded in our midst:
"I am never going to admit that my legislation was a piece of shit and hated, like me, by the vast majority of New Zealanders. The question isn't flawed but to say it is is the best argument I can come up with and still save a bit of face
I am a greenie, a communist, and as such I know better than all of you so there."


CB said...

87.6% say NO!

Wow. John Key has to act on this surely.

Another 2 kiddies dead in as many weeks. Law is not working is it!

kehua said...

The bitch is mad.

dad4justice said...

Oh that’s right silly Sue blame a “flawed” question. When are thicko kiwis going to understanding the bumbling Bradford is a total embarrassment to both politics and parenthood.
It makes my blood boil that this nutbar is paid by the state. She is a complete waste of time and money. Mind you to be fair to the beast she is not alone in a place where stupidity and wayward agendas run amuck as who cares because the struggling taxpayer pays tenfold for these imbecile cretins of no moral substance! Rant over, have a shave drongo Badford.

Grant said...

Nays 87.6.
John Key, this is your defining moment. Ignore the will of the people at your peril.

Budgieboy said...

I take exception to your final sentence Grant: -

“I am a greenie, a communist, and as such I know better than all of you so there."

Should really have read: -

I am not really a greenie but cynically exploit the brain dead 1 - 2 % of the population that actually believes their shit along with the disaffected idealistic ‘yoof’ of today, idiots and simpletons that throw their votes away so that a waste of space like me can get a salary and perks that I would never be remotely capable of commanding in the real world, I am a communist, and as such I know better than all of you so there."

Budgeiboy said...

And back on topic... you are right... I know a number of hard core John Key supporters that are watching this one very closely and it IS a defining moment.

If any advisers read these blogs for Christ sake wise up and talk to the guy!!!

Far too many people have memories of the last bunch of pricks ignoring the will of the people.

His (Keys) pathetic catch cry that “the law is working” because no one has been prosecuted is unmitigated bullshit!

Good, average, everyday Kiwis are now being checked out by CYPS and Police, two organisations that are already hopelessly under resourced.

For god’s sake, well before Bradford’s Folly became law we were always told, (after the death of some poor child) that CYPS were to be cut some slack as THE WERE SO OVERWORKED AND UNDERRESOURCED!

SO what do the genius’s in Wellington do? Increase that workload to include chasing around average Jo Kiwi’s who just ‘might’ have smacked a kid’s arse.

And now the truly at risk kids have even less chance of being helped by the system.

And don’t even get me started on the cops. I spoke today with a non sworn officer who handles complaints, basically if you are robbed these days you are not going to see a cop and it is NOT going to be investigated.

Don’t believe me?

Try this, call the cops and tell them the neighbour on your left has just come over to tell you he has been robbed. Then call back two hours later and tell them the neighbour on your right has been out the back spanking his child.

Which call, middle New Zealand do you KNOW will get a POLICE response?

Is that what you call ‘working’ John Boy?

WAKE UP said...

90% of the people were against this bullshit when Sue Bradford initiated it, and they STILL are. It was bad law then and it still is - and you know what bad law does to a country.

WAKE UP said...

Bradford should resign - if she had any sense of reality.