Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Trough List

Has been an interesting week.
1. Forget about the likely uproar about using shipping containers for jails. My mate has just got back from Zimbabwe where he spent 2 days and nights locked up in a remand cell. The charges were trumped up and thrown out by the court. The interesting stuff is that the cell measured 5m x 2m, with the toilet taking up the end metre. Concrete block with concrete floor and no bedding. Food provided by friends. Entertainment provided by singing and elephants seen through the small window in the door. Reckons he could build the whole thing for $20k.
Total number of prisoners per cell? Will tell you at end of post so you have to read the rest.

2. John Key having a plan so cunning regarding the anti smacking debate that no one can understand it ( Adolf excepted). Why he didn't use the CIR and John Boscawen's private members bill to absolutely throttle Bradford, the Greens and any other commie he could lay his hands on, is one of life's mysteries.
If I believed in conspiracies, I would be tempted to think he is being held to ransom over this, because he is misreading the mood of the country.
He got voted in with a big majority because we were sick to death of Clark's corrupt government. I suspect that he thinks people will still vote for him next election because the thought of another rooting by Labour is too much to bear. If that is his thinking then say goodbye to real democracy now.
3. Just like leopards, Governments will never really change spots. They are now so big and all encompassing that individual liberties and freedoms are just something to be trampled and ignored. The sad thing is that good people say "stuff it". Why should we bust our balls to contribute to a country whose government only wants to continually exert more and more control. They already tax both ends of the stick, production and consumption. If Key takes away the hope of the people then he is no better than Clark. We will quickly become a society of takers rather than givers.
4. Is this the end for the wonderful institutions of private charity, as the government becomes all things to all people?
5. The number of different cultures I have dealt with in the last two weeks is now 42. Sold some stuff to a Mongolian.
If we are to be a melting pot of so many people then maybe our economic recovery is actually not the most important issue for the government to deal with. That will happen anyway, mostly from factors outside our control. Trade will always go on. It is what we do.
What we need is a government that works to protect the best of what we have. We are quickly heading for a New New Zealand.
That requires a clear goal so we adjust to our new circumstances but do not loose the best of what made up the Old New Zealand.
We need real leadership, not middle of the roaditis.
All I see is John Key veering off to the left, reinforcing everything that we got rid of Labour for foisting on us.
By ignoring and criminalising 87% of the population, while we may have no choice to vote for you to ensure that Labour never corrupts our country again, don't expect us to give you the time of day. We will be too busy safeguarding our own futures rather than our countries. And that is sad.
6. 20



Great to see you back Lou.
Right again on so many issues.

Andrei said...

Haven't you realized yet that we have a ruling elite and a change of Government means nothing. National is in power now because it is their turn.

When kiwis get pissed off with them it will be Labour's turn again but nothing will really change.

The ruling elite remains the same.

Anonymous said...

Me and my taxes are packing our bags and a carton of fags and buggering off to Australia, and I wouldn't mind betting a few others who are rightly pissed off with off-Key will be on the same flight.
What a turd that guy turned out to be

Anonymous said...

Why the surprise though? If he really was on the side of the majority over this, he would never have compromised with Clark in the first place. I wish that English had the numbers to roll him and that we had a truly conservative government and PM, not someone who sucks up to the Lefties and the Marxists. What a wasted opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Why leave out the really fucking huge troughers?

* Bludgers: 21 BILLION
* Health: 13 BILLION
* "Education": 11 BILLION

Want to whinge about troughing? Start there!

Anonymous said...

What a socialist sack of shit key has turned out to be . No better than the socialist dictators we had before.
You can always tell when a politican is lying , they're lips move


Where is everybody today?
Oh well, there's a few things happening at my place.

The Silent Majority said...

Thank God for the ACT Party is all I can say.

John Key is Helen dressed in blue...that's all.

He needs to grow a spine.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the ACT Party is all I can say.

Who happily trooped into the lobbies to vote YES TO TAX INCREASES.

ACT. Yep. party of three principles: no maori seats; hitting your kids; maximum travel perks.

Tax increases? - oh that's not worth resigning over