Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Trough List

Having suffered severe withdrawl symptoms from not putting my 2 cents worth into No Minister, I am thinking that I will post once a week under the Trough List title.

Basically a list of things that have caught my attention during the week, both good and bad.

So to kick it off

1. Last minute Labour rorts knowing fool well they were goners.

2. Rodney Hide once again showing he is prepared to put his balls on the line, trying to slow down our long, slippery slide to living in a bi- multicultural society. Bi Culturalism for the Maori and multi for the rest of us. On average I would deal with NZers of at least 2o-30 different nationalities each week.

3. The cost of Arthritis and muscle pain to the country. Having sold tens of thousands copper bracelets and rings over the last 20 years, I am amazed how many people absolutely swear by them , including my 79 year old Mum.

4. Had to add this one. The Peace Foundation is nothing more than a trough. What a surprise.

5. Radio adverts that play phones ringing in the background. Damn annoying.

Feel free to add in the comments if you wish




homepaddock said...

Sorry you've been suffering withdrawl symptoms but delighted it's going to result in a weekly post.

Lou Taylor said...

Thanks Ele
I have just had blood tests done and I'm hoping the doctor won't tell me that I have contracted some strange blogging affliction.

homepaddock said...

Unprotected blogging can be dangerous.

WAKE UP said...

Lou, you're right about the ads with phones - the number of times I've reached for the phone only to find...

I plan to boycott any advertisers with a ringing phone in their ad :)

kehua said...

I can go without my coffee Lou but will kill to protect my copper wristband.