Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy: Friend or Foe?

I am not a big reader of political history although I can confess to reading two books on Hitler along with one on the 1960's British PM, Harold Wilson and his alleged dealings with the KGB. I've also read a few books on NZ political history and also, of course, all of Roger Douglas's and Prebs' books. I've just finished a book on Richard Tomlinson on the inner dealings within MI6.

In terms of the Kennedys, I've read a couple of books on JFK but they're more to do with the assassination rather than his presidency per se. I know hardly anything about Edward Kennedy so when he died I relied on media and of course the blogs to describe his life. Ah yes, the blogs. From the Right:
I’m trying to think of something positive that any one of those damned Kennedys did for America. I’m coming up empty.
As a Pom who grew up in the 70’s & 80’s, three letters are all that I need to sum up my opinion of Mr Kennedy: IRA.
Good riddance.
These terrorist supporting assholes caused a great deal of trouble in ireland and mainland Britain and I hope Ted kennedy is burning in hell.
They say in politics, the scum rises to the surface. Which explains why Ted carried on for another 40 years.
One word: Criminal.
Then from the Left.
The Labour team have been really saddened by the death of US Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy overnight.

I think Edward Kennedy will be remembered not just as a part of a progressive political dynasty, but also as an icon of liberal democratic politics the world over. Of course he will always be recalled fondly for his work with the Special Olympics movement, and by those who fight for better health care for the vulnerable.

Edward Kenney believed strongly in Government’s ability to help people improve their lives. I think that’s a vision shared by Labour, and by many readers and contributors to this blog.
I don't think you could get a clearer view of the differences between the Left and Right in this country, or should that be the wrong and the right?

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Andrei said...

The left love aristocrats and favor style over substance - thats all.