Thursday, August 20, 2009

Suicide Watch

There are many ways to end one's political life but list MP Tau Henare just found a new one.

You send an e-mail to your mates, falsely alleging a conversation took place in which a coalition party leader indicated he would pull out of a support agreement and then you send a copy of the e-mail off to the most aggressively anti National TV channel in the land. In one moment of self inflated folly he has achieved more for Labour than all their dismally incompetent frontbenchers could ever have hoped for.

Here's what TV3 reported:

"It was revealed last night that a senior National MP sent an email to his caucus colleagues telling them ACT had threatened to end its relationship with the Government if it "gave in to Maori" and agreed to having special Maori seats on the council."

And here's a picture you will never see repeated.

Tau Henare yesterday joined a very select group on Adlof's shit list of disloyal pseudo National Party members. That is, those who profess loyalty while all the while working to undermine the common effort, thereby giving comfort to the enemy.

If he was honest, Henare would resign and join the Maori Party where he can happily indulge his dream of Apartheid for New Zealand. Actually all he needs to do now to be a truly eclectic MP is join the Greens upon which he can stroll the corridors of parliament humming "I've Been Everywhere, Man."

Fortunately, most MSM outlets have picked the bullshit in the story.

Rodney Hide openly flagged his opposition to reserved Maori seats in local government BEFORE entering into a support agreement with National. There's nothing new in his assertion that he would resign as Minister for Local Government should such a measure be passed by Parliament.

The real story is 'Where to next, Tau?'

Adolf can predict that Mr Henare's position on the National list for the 2011 election will be 121st competing for 120 seats in parliament.


Redbaiter said...

All very true, but of course, Tau Henare is not by any measure the only turncoat.

Anonymous said...

Key has to stop the leaks on his ship.Fixing the leak with duct tape will not work.Toe needs the boot if he done this.And who was the life boy who leaked the brash emails.....Smells fishy

whalerider said...

I may have misunderstood, but I thought the TV3 story said the email, while written by Henare, was leaked to TV3 by another MP.

dad4justice said...

Male Suicide Toll = 300pa,who cares in a pc feminist wimpish soft cock c##t of a twisted country. Spot us a million bro! We tribe wear white suits and drive flash cars!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Brian Rudman has done the research on this brown loser for me.

The first 'money' quote:

"Not content with belonging to just about every party going, he's also something of a shopaholic when it comes to policies, changing brands when it suits.

And here's the second:

"n November 2003, Mr Henare, a former Maori Affairs Minister from a Maori electorate, called on National to back its call for scrapping of Maori seats by not standing any candidates in them at the next election.

He said they created a "second class" of MP and it was ludicrous to keep them in the 21st century. "They're past their use-by date."

What an idiot. ACT may well come off second best here if Jon Key calculates that long term it is in the best interests of National to keep the Maori Party away from Labour.

Interesting times.