Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Steady on, Tau Henare

Steady on, Tau Henare.

Until you bring in National five extra seats, I suggest you avoid labelling Rodney Hide a buffoon.

Also, if the media ask you to respond to tit-for-tat comments, you ought to say nothing, and fob off the comments as saying that it's the responsibility of people with a higher pay grade to comment. You are more interested in taking the fight to Labour.

Says the Stuff article:

Mr Henare questioned why he should sacrifice his career when Dr Sharples wasn't prepared to resign his portfolio over a point of principle.

"Why should I sacrifice my career when other people aren't? That's the question I put to you [and] absolutely I'm not going to. The call has been made by the Minister of Maori Affairs that we should cross the floor. Maybe he should resign."

Uh huh. But why say this publicly? Are you not aware that your destiny in wrapped up in the National Party list? Therefore I suggest you find ways to promote a National led government rather than hinder it.

And if you can't do that, then maybe it is you who should resign. National doesn't need this sort of distraction.

Mr Henare said he would go along with the cabinet decision against Maori seats.

"They're the cabinet. They make the rules. We have to follow the rules."

Oh good. Maybe he does get it after all. Pity about the outburst up front then.

further update: Apparently Tau Henare also described Hide as a "jerk-off". There goes the list ranking Tau. Enjoy Parliament for the current term. It will be your last.


Anonymous said...

Tau who? This Tau?


Anonymous said...

Five extra seats?

Get a grip: 10 in 2011, 20 in 2014, and 50 in 2017 once the voting system is changed!

WAKE UP said...

There are most definitely some people who should not be in Parliament...

dad4justice said...

Should this monkey not be in a cage? What a role model for children. I rate politicians alongside paedophiles. John Key has certainly brought mongrel into his team.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No Dad. He's got a mongrel in the team and he needs to get rid of thee mongrel.