Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Why Did They Ask For Them in the First Place?

School so-called 'donations' that is.

They were never really donations. They were extra fees charged by spendthrift boards of trustees who did not know how to say "NO" to socialist teachers who think every school has a prefab down the back, full of little pixies printing money. These extra fees were dressed up in bullshit clothes and made to look respectable by euphemistically calling them "donations." Funny thing is, Adolf read recently of a school which was employing a debt collection agency to encourage parents to 'donate.'

We see now, that one school has found it can do without them.

Adolf calls for ALL state schools to immediately drop these extra taxes on families who are struggling to live within their means. It's time for school boards to live within their means. Just like families, schools will have to learn to cut out that which is nice and focus on that which is necessary. Perhaps they might need to go back to their core business. Readin,' Ritin' and Rithmetic.

Leave sex education, political studies, saving the earth, denigrating God and other tasks to parents.


Anonymous said...

Adolf calls for ALL state schools to immediately drop these extra taxes on families who are struggling to live within their means.
No no no no no.

Which part if 87% voted against socialism don't you understand. Parents who care about their kid will
ofcoursenpay fees for schools. What we need is a level playing field now: take all the funding for stage shills and split it equally across private schools too (per capital - none of this decile shit) and let schools charge fees and recover what they will from nonpaying parents.

No need to actually privatize anything :-)

and a huge change to NZ education

but banning fees is just the wrong thing to do

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, you miss the point. If a school can do away with these extra imposts on parents and STILL PROVIDE a good standard of education, why on earth did they impose them in the first place?

What activities have they tossed out?

None of the dense pricks at Radio Left Wing seems to have asked such obvious questions.

Redbaiter said...

The NZ education system is a decrepit destructive poisonous socialist disaster. Firmly in the hands of the Progressives, they will fight like the lunatics they are against any move to change pre-schools, schools and universities from indoctrination centres to learning centres.

There's really only one way to fix it, and that's to put everybody involved with education in NZ up against the wall and then start all over again.

WAKE UP said...

I have never forgotten way back when David Lange started using the words "education" and "capture" in the same sentence - it all began then.

pdm said...

Bulk funding and paying teachers on merit would be a good start.

The Silent Majority said...

Close down 95 % of the Education Bureaucracy in Wellington and spend that money on actually educating NZ's children, rather than dreaming up yet more ways to turn them into mini socialists, victims and greenies.

Anonymous said...

If a school can do away with these extra imposts on parents and STILL PROVIDE a good standard of education

Duh. Of course they can't. They're fucking state schools - warehouses for kids whose parents don't care about them. State schooling is not and has never been about real education - only socialist indoctrination. Forcing the state schools to charge real fees would be an important step in dealing with this problem.

Psycho Milt said...

If state schools are unable to turn out dim-bulb fascos like Sinner, that's actually a strong point in their favour.

Adolf is right. This school's BoT is saying it's going to be generous to parents by not billing them for "donations" - then claiming that this lost income won't affect the children's activities. If my kids' schools told me they could drop the fee without suffering any consequences, I'd want to know why the hell they were charging me the fees in the first place.

RightNow said...

I understand the main reason schools call these donations is so parents can claim a tax rebate against them.
I personally don't mind if it means my kids get a better or broader education, it's actually a lot cheaper than daycare used to cost us.
I do sympathise with struggling parents though, and in that respect schools shouldn't be able to enforce these extra payments.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'd be surprised if that were the case Right Now. My understanding is that only donations to registered charities qualify for a rebate. If what you say were true, then private schools would cease to charge fees, instead demanding some pretty hefty donations.