Monday, August 24, 2009


The Cook drew to Adolf's attention a programme on television this evening.

Apparently our children have discovered a new way of attracting people for whom they have an attraction or even an infatuation. The deal is, you take a picture of yourself in some provocative nude pose and text said picture to the person of your dreams.

Adolf wonders how long it will be before people while in the penultimate stages of orgasm, text their friends to tell them all about it.

Let's face it, for the current generation, is texting on the motorway any different from copulation at speed?


showmethetaxcut said...


Where the hell have you been.

Nothin' new about this although I grant you it is disturbing.

Buggerlugs said...

the question is how long until a political figure sends one to the wrong person...and the disgust if that political person happens to be a female member of the greens (cue vomiting).
There was a rather (in)famous pxt video of a well-known female sports presenter doing the rounds a year or so back. Interesting if not entirely my cuppa.

WAKE UP said...

Ah yes, the old joke...

"Do you talk to your wife during intercourse?"
"Only if there's a phone handy" now very out of date indeed :)

Frank Allan said...

Now i see every relationship today begins with a tease and the nxt thing is sexting... Long distance relationship are the people who been directly related to it...