Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Amidst all the brouhaha regarding the rorts perpetrated by Members of Parliament the media has been conspicuously silent on perhaps the biggest rort of all by an MP who might well be modelled on 'Frankly Unctuous', the character created by author Alan Dury.

Question - Who has stated that his Political Party will not stand candidates in the next election? - Answer: Jim Anderton.

Question - Whose Chief of Staff has thrown his hat into the ring for appointment as the next General Secretary of the Labour Party? - Answer: Jim Anderton.

Question - Whose Chief of Staff helped mastermind Labour's Mt Albert bi-election campaign? - Answer: Jim Anderton.

Question - Who has urged his Party members to join Labour and seek to stand as candidates for them in the next election? - Answer: Jim Anderton.

So why then does Mr Jim Anderton continue to accept a salary of $144,500 as leader of a parliamentary party? - Answer: Because if he did the 'right thing' his remuneration would drop $13,500 to that of an ordinary member.

Put these words in their correct order - in, with, socialist, trough, snout, his, the, feet, and, public.


KG said...

So--he's no more than a thief. What a surprise...

Anonymous said...

There are other hidden costs to the jamtin's rorts. For axample he not only receives additional allowances and salary, but he also gets an office, secretarial staff, researchers etc which adds to the effective arsenal of Labour. He receives allocation of questions and supplementaries at QT and also is allocated speaking slots in debates.

If anyone doesn't think that these add-ons aren't like gold to an MP, just look at how the Greens shut their traps when Helen gave them extra research staff in the last Parliament.

I wonder if those "extras" have been removed.

erikter said...

Actually, Jim's been dead for at least a decade. It's a walking mummy impersonating him all this time.

homepaddock said...

To these very good questions you could add:

* Who is the Labour Party spokesperson for Agriculture?

Andrei said...

You also could ask "who was deputy Prime Minister during the first term of the last Labour Government?"

muz said...

If he was a greyhound or a racehorse he would be put down as he is too old and useless to breed and too slow to run. If one of his owners was a little sentimental he might be lucky and get rehomed if he could be socialised and fill out his remaining days on a retirement block where people could pat him and remember the good old days and throw him some nibbles. Oh thats what has happened,well bugger me.

The Veteran said...

Thank you homepaddock for that particular gem. It had quite slipped my mind.

So the question for Lockwood Smith is ... What are you doing to correct the situation?

kehua said...

As they say in Wales, He`s a fooken waste of the skin , the bastid!

Psycho Milt said...

Why does Anderton continue to rip us off? For the same reason various current National cabinet ministers are doing it - because he can.

There's a government in power right now that could easily do something about it if its members weren't too busy at the trough themselves. How many of you voted for that govt?

Heine said...

PM, ahh ya bastard. How dare you ask the Nats to do something about it? :)

ZenTiger said...

PM, I'm happy to admit I voted for this government. I was not expecting great things from them, it was a mere hope.

And every day, I remain thankful Labour were tossed out. This is all bad, sure.

Compared to a fourth term Labour though? They just HAD TO GO.

The cost high, but still much less than the alternative.


John Key has signalled some reform but he needs to act quicker and more radically.
National has most to lose from this scandal, but also most to again.
At least this case and that of Chris Carter, who marked the start of Islam Awareness Week, means Liarbour are major troughers too.
Last night, at my blog, I woindered how our trade union leaders were doing.
In Britain they are feathering their own nests beautifully, so it makes you wonder if they are doing the same here, especially considering what happens in Britain tends to happen here too.

Serving Soldier said...

Has the question ever been asked of NZ MPs for the full and open disclosure of their financial expense claims?

I suspect that you may find in some quarters an environment not dissimilar to that of the British Expense Claims scandal! Are our bosses above board? Can they prove that they are indeed there 'for the people'? Moreover, the only real justification an MP can give for his pay packet is that it is received on the basis of hard work, graft and due diligence to the population – is this the case?