Saturday, August 22, 2009

PM Pledges New Approach

I think we would rather have our democracy put back on firm foundations, John.


Anonymous said...

KG said...

Too bloody right Lou!

Anonymous said...

Just a word of caution--that picture is of Balancing Rocks just outside Harare, ZIMBABWE

Anonymous said...

Here's the key point.

It's 1.4 MILLION people voted that good parenting requires smacking

1.4 million. That is more than voted for any government ever in the history of NZ

If that's not a mandate, I don't know what is.

While we're at it - repeal sections 139 of the education act. Good enough for parents, good enough for teachers too!

WAKE UP said...

90% of the people were against this bullshit when Bradford initiated it, and they STILL ARE. It is BAD LAW.

This is a weathervane moment, on which confidence in John Key will be won or lost depending on what he does. It's not even about the topic of "smacking", it's about the PRINCIPLE of the referendum.

Anonymous said...

it's about the PRINCIPLE of the referendum.

Hell yeah. Which is why the law needs to be gone by next week. Call your National MPs and Cabinet ministers tomorrow. Make very very clear that the largest democratic decision by the people of NZ - ever cannot be ignored by the government.

Get the law changed. And, again, get the same section of the education act changed too.

And, hopefully, finally, this change can be the first of very many to be made by Key, English, Brash, Douglas, and Hide!

Lou Taylor said...

I know the rocks are in Zimbabwe Anon.

The thing is that Zimbabweans not only know the true value of democracy but also the true cost.

Personally I don't have a problem with people voting any way they like in elections and CIRs. It is the usless people who can't be bothered getting off their arses to even vote that annoy me. When you give one of the planks of your freedom away so cheaply, then they probably get the government they deserve.

And I can tell you that those governments are usually more intent on looking after themselves first.

The good people of Zimbabwe would give anything to have a fair election or even a non binding CIR.

Lou Taylor said...

I meant to add that when politicians stop listening to the people then our democracy is under threat. Maybe not now but eventually.

We have just had 9 years of vile, corrupt and selfserving leadership under Clark, Cullen and Co. Our democracy was chipped away at faster than ever before.

Key has on his shoulders to do way more than merely prop up what is left.

If he takes a cheap solution then at least we will know his true colours.