Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Update: Here's the Hansard version of Goff's latest triumph:

"Hon Phil Goff: How many National backbenchers have raised with him their view that these funding cuts are unsustainable, such as National MP Jackie Blue, who has emailed adult and community education groups offering to help them to oppose the Government cuts in this area?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: The Prime Minister is delighted that National’s backbenchers are in touch with their communities. That is the reason that there are so many of them here and the reason that the Labour Party does not hold a single electorate seat outside a metropolitan area."

Even the people at Hansard know Goff rates only lower case treatment.

The phorgetphil leader of the dismal opposition has made a speech about Afghanistan which has caught the attention of a dozen or so people on the left. No Right Turn hi-lites what ironically he called 'the key bit.' (You'd think the dosy buggers' spin doctors would find another adjective after nine whole bloody months, wouldn't you?)

WHO DID YOU SAY WAS STUFFED?: Phil Goff meets the locals in a tour of the Swazi factory in Levin.

"Nor am I keen to sacrifice the lives of New Zealanders for a narco-state that provides 93% of the world’s opium production, enriching warlords and government figures, and a state which suffers from endemic corruption."

Sounds wonderful but the only trouble is it's no different from the state of the place when Helen Clark authorised the last three (was it?) deployments.

The silly little fellow was massacred today by Bill English as he slogged through his tortuous preplanned deadly boring questions with his one syllable at a time dead slow primer two -e nun ci a tion of e ach vo wel in e a ch sy la ble so th at the pr ess ga ll er y could w ri te it all d ow n-delivery.

He asked some damned fool question about Jackie Blue and Blenglish simply laughed and said "Yes I'm very pleased to see National Party back benchers looking to support the interests of their constituents. That's why there are so many of them here and why there are NO LABOUR BACK BENCHERS from any provincial or rural electorate in the house.

Pure gold, it was. 24 carat pure gold, And English at his best is dull and boring.


Anonymous said...

NO LABOUR BACK BENCHERS from any provincial or rural electorate in the house."

We must never, never forget that NZ's economy is based in the countryside and the provinces.

If only we had a truly representative parliament - then there would be NO LABOUR MPs whatsoever.

We can but dream.

The Veteran said...

Gueez wept Phil ... didn't your mother ever warn you that when you were in a hole getting bigger it was time to stop digging?

Kevin said...

good one Bill...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Doncha just luv a play on words?