Friday, August 21, 2009

New author: welcome Hamish Collins

Subsequent to the sad departure of FFM, No Minister has been searching for an immigrant into New Zealand who is versed in politics and who can provide a different perspective on central government politics from a centre right perspective. And so we give you Hamish Collins.

Hamish is semi-retired and his family is not from New Zealand. He contacted us asking if he could blog with us as he has visited us anonymously for a wee while and thought he could contribute more substantially as his time dictates. Some of us here at No Minister have met with him and are confident he'll make a positive contribution.

Although he is not from New Zealand (but does live here), Hamish still has many contacts in New Zealand politics and business. And so as one door closes here at No Minister another one opens: welcome Hamish Collins.


mawm said...

3 hours! and no comment!

OK I'll do the honours!

Welcome Hamish.

WAKE UP said...

Suit up, Hamish, it gets rough around here sometimes :)

Lou Taylor said...

Welcome Hamish
I hope you enjoy NM.
Despite what Wake Up says we are actually quite good blokes.

WAKE UP said...

Lou, I never said we aren't good blokes - what I implied was, effectively, that we ain't pantywaists.

Cheers :)