Monday, August 24, 2009

MacDoctor, Call Your Office

The execrable Herald does its level best to shill for Labour with a self proclaimed 'exvusive' in which it shouts that cabinet is about to accept Rodney Hide's recommendations for the exclusion of reserved Maori seats on the super city council. Somehow this is seen by the paper's editors as a rift with the governing coalition. When there's no news, you make it up. I think I'll wait to see what Cabinet actually does decide.

The Cabinet is expected to reject Maori seats on the Auckland Super City council today."

Expected by whom? Do tell. Graeme Henry? Daniel Vettori, Tau Henare or some cub reporter at the Herald?

What's missing from this speculation masquerading as news is the fact that the matter of Maori seats actually is the preserve of the council itself, using the existing provisions of the Local Government Act. Strangest of all, Labour and this sorry daily newspaper were themselves the loudest advocates of referenda for the merger in the first place but now they want the gummint in Wellington to decide this important 'Auckland ' issue.

Adolf looks forward to the day when a John Banks led Auckland City Council puts to Auckland region's ratepayers a referendum on reserved Maori seats for Auckland City Council. Adolf's vote will be a loud "Haere ko e ki te tiko' which is a quite impolite but no nonsense way of saying 'NO'


Anonymous said...

National said mnths ago they didnt want Maori seats.Why would they change their mind?

Falafulu Fisi said...

I often find the herald journalists frequently hide behind the usual comment of saying, a source (blank name) had informed us that, ... blah, blah, blah,..., and this is a good way to bullshit or made up a story since it is unverifiable by anyone including their bosses or the readers, if indeed there was a real source or the source was the imagination of the journalist him/herself.