Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life Giving Oxygen

There is a political corpse which is showing signs of resurrection.

Adolf has made a vow that the corpse will never be mentioned on his blog.

The last think New Zealand needs is the re-emergence of the oleaginous, corrupt and venal crook who poured tens of millions of my dollars into the racing industry in repayment for some hefty secret campaign donations.

I invite all my colleague authors to take the pledge.

The name shall not pass my lips until he is charged, convicted and jailed.



showmethetaxcut said...

And pays back the $150,000.00 he stole from taxpayers. Thieving bastard.

KG said...

Same here, Adolf. CR will not mention the bastard.

Anonymous said...

But he doesn't want moari seats
And supports the *87% *!!

Someone else to vote for maybe ?

He was only a few thousand votes of getting in remember ?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Who cares? If you are that stupid I'm not interested in your comments.

PM of NZ said...

I guess No Minister will be a dark blog for the 2011 election then?

WAKE UP said...

Adolf, the real tragedy is that back at the very beginning, the political-party-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-either actually had some damn fine ideas (some of which still lie dormant), which all gradually became overshadowed by the leader's hubris, and his acolytes' incompetence, and now there's no credibility left (to say the least). Pity, because no other party has covered some of those ideas to this day.

WAKE UP said...

Particularly on immigration.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wake up, you're quite right.

Thank God National spotted the flaws in his character and turfed him out - eventually. Full credit to John Key for that.

Anonymous said...

why is it stupid?
The two most Newsworthy policy stories of the past the couple of months And Winnie agrees with your position.

I have this strong feeling that he will be back and holding the balance of power

JK is in coalition with the MP
most of the country are of a one NZ bent
so he will score there
Jk won't change the law
that most of the country voted against
he will score there

So if those two things resonant with people and you don't agree with Acts far right agenda he is likely to pick up enough votes to be back.
It is probably better to figure out ways of dealing with it then ignoring him

PS Disclaimer I would rather cut my dick off then vote NZF

homepaddock said...

It will take only 5% of voters to believe what he says and forget what he does.

PM of NZ said...

And he will easily muster the numbers HP.

Trouble is his voting public doesn't remember what they had for lunch, let alone remember the rogues last term.

My vote won't be one of them, although he does press most buttons.

Anonymous said...

But the melody lingers on. Which of his policies will National reverse?

The racing 'industry' has done very nicely out of you know who, and there are no signs of repealing those massive tax gains.

He is of course right on the button with the F&S. Will National roll the MP on this one same as the Akld City guaranteed seats?

If not, they will lose in 2011, for sure.

Anonymous said...

To take a party with no money and bugger all support to a position of seats and holding the balance of power is really a big ask and even Winston (who owes $158k ) knows he has bugger all chance.

Blue Coast

tom said...

Bugger all support???
4th biggest party in terms of votes at last election IN spite of the controversies
He was only .what 15000 votes short of making it.
The press love him
Can Winston make it back? will be one of the biggest stories in election 2011

Lucy said...

Nothing can change the fact that he is a corrupt (racing industry etc) thieving ($158K he stole from us etc) lying (remember the Owen Glen saga etc) prick.

tom said...

I agree he is a prick
but he has threeto 4% percent core support
hasn't been convicted of anything and not likely to be
He could take 5% off National
and if he campaigns on anti smacking law
The Greens won't work with him
it will be interesting
The MP will need a good foreshore and seabed result or they will be history
and Natinal will then bled of votes to Act and NZF and maybe a few to Lab
the pressure then coming on Key from The National caucus.. could be blood on the floor

Redbaiter said...

Its not anyone on here giving him oxygen, its John Key and his thick unprincipled advisors.

Anonymous said...

The last think New Zealand needs is the re-emergence of the oleaginous, corrupt and venal crook who poured tens of millions of my dollars into the racing industry in repayment for some hefty secret campaign donations.

You mean - HELLEN is back?

Get your priorities right: every cent he paid to his racing mates was signed off by HELLEN; and Labour rorted FAR FAR MORE than Winnie ever did, trying to buy FIVE elections.

Hell the 9 MILLION squandered over the referendum was more than Winnie and his mates ever rorted.

Let's face it: if you had to choose one party to be the target of the corruption investigation, you'd choose Labour over Winnie every single time.