Monday, August 3, 2009

Here's How You Brand Yourself Born To Lose

An enterprising public servant has let Labour's cat out of the bag by way of a comment over at the NBR where everyone gets to pay before they read.

David Cohen provides a measured and sensible reprise of the fuss over a couple of overinflated beneficiaries and their bloodied noses at the hands of a no nonsense minister.

The sting is in the comments. Have a look at this:-

Two faces

Is the Labour Party that expressed outrage at the invasion of privacy of the two beneficiaries any relation of the Labour Party that has requested, via the Offical Information Act, details of the expenses spending of every individual public servant and Crown entity employee?

Labour MP Charles Chauvel. Photo by Ross Setford/NZPA.

Can you recall who is leading the futile and inept 'breach of privacy' charge against Paula Bennett? Like Italian infantry with their bayonets firmly fixed to their butts, the Labour shock troops charge in with formal complaints to the Privacy Commissioner.


alex Masterley said...

I can't imagine that there will be much difference between expense spending pre Nov '08 and after Nov '08 so the effort will be wasted.

Anonymous said...

perhaps Mr Chauvel should have a look at his own expenses

dad4justice said...

Does Charles fly free on yuck airways with Chris Farter in the pinko mile high club?