Monday, August 24, 2009

Health spending unsustainable

I'm surprised no one has covered this issue yet.
Maintaining the recent rate of growth would require ever larger slices of national income to be spent on health. "Clearly, this is unsustainable," the draft report says.
What does the Health Minister intend to do about it?
Mr Ryall had earlier given assurances the Government would continue the growth in health spending set out by the previous government, saying the review was about improving frontline services, not reducing the health budget.
Let's face it, just living in New Zealand is virtually unsustainable these days. As our GDP shrinks and government grows we get this, along with unsustainable superannuation and Lindsay Mitchell's get-rich-quick schemes.

The smart ones have gone to Australia while the likes of me work my butt off to pay for others to get free physiotherapy and have babies.

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Lou Taylor said...

We can always "put it on the pill Bill"