Monday, August 31, 2009

Head above the parapet again

I noted that No Minister seemed short of authors after losing the inestimable skills of FFM and Spondre to higher callings a few weeks ago and asked Adolf how desperate he was for new talent. Adolf and the lads accepted my half hearted suggesting of becoming an author with alacrity so you can guess how desperate they must be. Theres hope for you yet red. I have never met any of them face to face. They only know me from the old days at my and Sir Humphry's comments.
Blogging. Its what you do when you want to get something off your chest but nobody wants to listen to you. I have not been able to talk politics with my sister in about 25 years. She is now a councillor down south and once worked for helen clark. We all have skeletons in the family closet and I am most definitely hers. I left New Zealand shortly after the 99 election, having been a campaign manager in a marginal National electorate and being simply unable to understand how so many people could indulge in mass stupidity.

Dad on the other hand was involved in founding ACT. So the family is reasonably political but they have enough of me on Skype.
I am now based near Runneymede in the UK. I have 3 daughters of which 2 teenage and am a strong believer in the Meat Loaf school of daughter management (insist the boy picks her up when she reaches dating age and then sit outside with a shotgun across the lap.) I tell the oldest when she asks that 26 seems reasonable for her first date. I tell myself it is consistent to believe in the individualist concepts of libertarianism but practice authoritarianism with your kids so they understand how bad it can be. The UK is no better under Brown but there is more opportunity.
My family go back through 5 generations of New Zealand Waikato and Taranaki farming but Dad was born on the mainland. My wife and my children were all born in Hungary so expect some Eastern European references. I have a slightly different opinion on collectivism and the human spirit after experiences out there. We were in Romania a few weeks ago and some farmers were hand scything grass. Mum grew up on a farm 80 odd years ago and New Zealand farmers had got past that even then. Romania is in the EU. Think about efficient farming practices for a second there.
We have cows for neighbours but I can be in Trafalgar Square in less than an hour. I help an energy company bring forward peak oil but my personal political views and my professional path do not cross.

I dont intend to engage in tinker blogging, troll fishing or posting soft porn. I believe and defend the right to open unmoderated robust comment. But I am not obliged to respond. I dont see myself posting frequently and will try to follow up on informed comment even if days later.


dad4justice said...

I like the Meat Loaf school of daughter management, as I have two teenage daughters. The road outside my house is a burnout pad for over excited boy racers and often my home is overwhelmed by burnt rubber fumes, so I get angry and throw my smoke alarms at them It’s no good ringing the cops as they’re all busy getting their manicured nails , at the hairdressers ,under sun beds or having sex change operations. Meanwhile the idiot Whale promotes a real lickspittle pus laden Brain Spundre at his NOW shithole blog. I will never visit again. The fucking world has gone mad. Hi Spondre how is your police complaint? The wimp John Key is a disgrace to Canterbury. Helen and Heather and Judith play sex in the city in New York. Bring back Winston and public executions.
What a sick country!

David Baigent said...

Hi sagenz, Welcome.

Heh.. Your very first comment from d4j.
Well at least he holds firm views.
I believe that he is trying to hide from reality using a doubtful cerebral GPS.

Give him a decent road map of his thought processes we could have a result.

In the meantime he is acting just like the "boy racers" that make him so angry.

Redbaiter said...

All I have to say is-

"Bring Back Fairfacts"

What the hell was the problem there??

muz said...

Welcome to the stable (pun intended) of no minister. Re scything, I still carry a mean scythe as it is more satisfying for steep or other inaccessible places and a lot more in tune with nature than the ever intrusive weedeater, however as part of commercial agriculture, well that just sums up the EU in one.

mawm said...

I see no conflict in being a libertarian and protecting the young and vulnerable from themselves and predatory hormone ridden youths. I'm told that I'm the 'only' father who does not condone teenage drunkeness, idiotic, unskilled drivers in overpowered cars; and who insists on a curfew and knowledge as to where and with whom my spawn is at all times.

The shotgun is well oiled and sits in the entrance hall.


Welcome aboard Sage.
I remember you back from way back.
I imagine we can expect some reportage of affairs in Britain.
Their politics does seem a bit more exciting than here.
No wonder No Minister was a little lacking in posts towards the end of the week.
Here there had been so little go on.
How many times can you say Rodney has it so right on Maori representation?
I even did it this morning.
But you over there can deal with a sleazy shameless government in its final deaththroes and what its individuals do in final acts of deperation.How they have wrecked a once great economy and filled the land with rtemming millions of immigrants, some of whom threaten its culture and way of life.
There is a general election to deal with too.
Redbaiter, thanks for your support as well.
I do not want to be accused of Link-whoring, but you know where to find me.
I have the freedom to post more often there.

Oswald Bastable said...

No Girls-pobably fortunatly for the local lads.

If Dad's shotgun (Stevens 311 cut down to 22")is scary, Mum's .357 S&W would be Prozac material!

pablo said...

Hey Phil:

Good luck with this. Your presence will raise the level of discourse on the site (adding to that of Psycho Milt), although probably not that of the comments (witness your first comment). On the latter score--your on your own, and in the deep end.

sagenz said...

Thanks for all the comments. I know where the Mr Angry comments are coming from, having lead a life that could have taken me down a similar path. It is difficult to be taken seriously when you are angry and out of control, whether from the left or right of the spectrum. Getting back on track is hard, takes time and is never certain. Ayn Rand is right to suggest every individual has the right to happiness. Atlas Shrugged does not suggest the path is raging against the machine.

sagenz said...

and muz. I was not talking steep or inaccesible. I am talking large open rolling fields.

Redbaiter said...

Sage, I think you are a disgrace to the anti-Progressive forces and that you should fold your tent right now.

Seeing Pablo here singing your praises is sufficiently damaging to me. Fancy him too having the gall to criticise other commenters for anger problems. (..and as an academic, mixing up his "yours" too. Heaven forbid.)

When I was single handedly battling off a dozen or more Progressives the other day on the Standard, what do we get from you in your first entry into the thread but a sanctiminious attack on Redbaiter. An officious lecture on behaving "properly" when I've already on the thread been subject to numerous allegations of lying, cowardice, fascism and other slanders from the leftist reptiles who make the Standard their home. But that's OK of course. The right must always apologise for who they are or risk being labelled uncivilized.

That such a label might be applied by knuckle dragging half educated well indoctrinated political Neanderthals who promote an ideology responsible for millions of deaths last century matters not one jot to the cowed and submissive representatives of the so called right in New Zealand.

I must learn of course to be like you, for your record of success in battling off the left in NZ is so vividly apparent, in observing that the only way the so called opposition in NZ can win an election is to pander to the left and make themselves as much like the Progressives as possible.

You can bring nothing new to the table Sage. That's why in the end you're just a bag of wind long past your use by date. Go away, and leave the battle to those who understand the true evil of socialism, and do not feel any obligation to gutlessly pander to the collectivist's feeble partisan protests and their outrageously false concerns with freedom of political expression.

Gooner said...

I must admit to sleeping very easily at night knowing Redbaiter is fighting a one man battle against socialism on the Internet. The World is indeed a richer, freer and more prosperous place because of that.

Redbaiter said...

Gooner, you're just another Progressive. Another poseur who needs to run off and join Labour.

All your post conveys is that you don't like Redbaiter, and contrary to your claims of sleeping easy, his views bother you to the extent that you feel compelled to make a dull and witless attempt at ridicule.

KG said...

What Redbaiter said. Absolutely.

Well, Gooner, without people like Redbaiter the world would be a damn sight poorer and less free--just take a look at the countries which subscribe to the ideology he (and millions of others like him) opposes.

It's easy to denigrate his efforts, easy to take cheap shots but without opposition the totalitarian leftist bastards would have rolled right over us by now.

Anonymous said...

I despise socialists and the Left. I also despise the Marxists masquerading as Watermelons. But I’m sorry to say you’re mistaken if you think playing blog tennis over at the Standard makes us a better place. It has no impact. Redbaiter, I really value your intellect and most of your comments so why don’t you do what I do: join a party and campaign and deliver stuff and fight the War. The Internet is just a small, small battle in the War.


akbar said...


When the mental midgets take paragraphs of invective to greet you, you are surely doing something right. They already see you as a threat, perhaps because a reasoned conservative argument undermines their rigidly knee jerk world views. For that reason alone, welcome to the site.

KG said...

"The Internet is just a small, small battle in the War."
Very true. We all tend to think of it as having far more influence than it does in reality.

sagenz said...

Red - If you dont get it you dont get it. Look in a mirror and tell yourself that your anger is wholely and completely related to what you read online. You seem to have a Peoples Popular Front of Judea attitude and I have no more time to engage. As I said in my post, I defend your right to comment but I have no further obligation to respond.

WAKE UP said...

Sometimes I wonder what some of you commentators woiuld do if Ayn Rand had not existed :)

WAKE UP said...

PS - dad4j is entitled to his anger - I've seen worse, and the causes thereof.

sagenz said...

wakeup - I did not say d4j was not entitled to his anger. I can definitely see the circumstances that anger would arise in. Just that it is difficult to be taken seriously when angry. That applies whether you are right or wrong

WAKE UP said...

Sagenz: bullshit. If he's angry, how does that let you off the hook of having to do the work to find out WHY.

What you're asking is that he be "nice" so your life ain't as troubled as his obviously is. Sheesh.

sagenz said...

"If he's angry, how does that let you off the hook of having to do the work to find out WHY."

hmmm. Because I am not his mother and he is reponsible for his own behaviour?

Read what I, me just me, actually wrote. I have not condemned d4j at all, in fact I stated "I know where the Mr Angry comments are coming from, having lead a life that could have taken me down a similar path. "

So what is your point?

WAKE UP said...

My point is that what this country needs is actually MORE genuinely angry people, who aren't afraid to be so - as opposed to going "tut tut, my my, he's angry, I hope the horses aren't disturbed, oh well, another cuppa, dear, that was...umm... interesting to talk about, wasn't it?" :)

Otherwise, NOTHING, will change.

sagenz said...

ah right now I see where you are coming from. The land of lala
Do you buy a house in anger, propose marriage in anger, get a new job in anger, travel in anger?

So all of these things are change in an individuals life without anger.

WAKE UP said...

sagenz, you have managed to avoid the point/s at issue the whole way through this; why do you bother writing at all?

sagenz said...

wake up - I got half way through that comment, got distracted then published without adding the critical second piece. Your question assumes I am arguing for never rocking the boat. Not at all.

My assertion is that strong beliefs and assertive actions rather than angry out of control behaviour are far more likely to achieve the change you want.

So if you think nothing can be achieved without anger we will agree to differ. I have tried the angry path and it achieves nothing. Reasoned discussion and action with clear long and short term goals are much more effective