Sunday, August 30, 2009

Five aren't we/you lucky questions for Sunday

1. Aren't we lucky Robbie Deans didn't get the All Blacks job?
2. Isn't Mahe Drysdale lucky Rob Waddell stuck to yachting?
3. Aren't we all lucky Netball is shown live on TVNZ so the whole nation, and not only those who have Sky, can watch the drubbing they received?
4. Aren't you lucky you now didn't take your accountants advice and buy 27 rental properties during the last 5 years using 27 different LAQC's and cross-guarantees on your family home?
5. Finally, aren't we all lucky Rod Oram is not the Minister of Finance!


erikter said...

I despise Oram.

He's am avowed socialist and fervent supporter of the Labour Party and Helen Clark, in particular.

Remember his newspaper article just before the election?

This stupid guy should be deported back to Britain.

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

Sorry i havent been in the media world the past week. Can you please link questions 4 & 5 please.




I thought we on the right had stopped reading Rod Oram a long, long time ago.
But yes, we can be grateful he is not finance minister.
Now, what happened to those rumours he might stand for Liarbour?

Gooner said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks Gooner.