Saturday, August 29, 2009

ETS a "rort"

From TheAge:

TRADING of emission permits around the world will become a financial rort that fails to reduce carbon emissions - and will ultimately be scrapped in favour of a simple carbon tax, a former senior official in the Clinton administration has forecast.

Robert Shapiro, former US undersecretary of commerce and author of Futurecast, predicted that the US Senate would reject the emissions trading scheme proposed by President Obama, which is now before it.

There was a party at the last election that said if anything needed to be done on carbon emissions then a carbon tax was the least worst option - it is fiscally neutral also. Now, which party was that again? From memory it rhymed with "sacked" (which is what Mayor of North Shore City, Andrew Williams, will be in about 12 months).

Who would have thought ACT would be agreeing with the Clinton crowd.

Hat Tip: The Briefing Room



But don't we want small polar bears, Gooner?

Anyway, I was wondering what you have all been doing lately.


And yes, it is great to see ACT take another principled stand.

Andrei said...

Who would have thought ACT would be agreeing with the Clinton crowd.

Well to be fair to ACT Gooner if you read the article I believe the Clintonista is suggesting that they cut out the trading aspect (free enterprise) and go directly to the Tax aspect - thereby cutting out the middleman.

Of course the utter absurdity of the notion that increased taxes or the trading of a notional product (the emission and absorption atmospheric constituents) can in anyway alter future weather patterns seems to have escaped virtually everybody.

Anonymous said...

If something's a bit to complicated for your little brain it becomes absurd Andrei? Interesting. You a creationist I take it?

Judge Holden

dad4justice said...

Oh the irony from judge holden talking about absurdity.
Must go to church,rock on Jesus as the mental world is having another big melt down because of the bullshit flowing from idiot wankers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Aaaaaaah. It's Judge Holden. Ever ready with the evasive non answer.